Tomb Raider: Is the New Lara Croft, the Perfect Girl?

Square Enix’s Tomb Raider is already a huge success in the gaming market and as usual Lara Croft is mainly at fault – she’s hot, smart, agile, swift, strong, sneaky and tons of other attributes; by other words she has never been so perfect.

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jay21867d ago

No, she sounds like a toddler, give her a new voice actress.

Senyra1867d ago

Aw, true, I didn't include her voice, just talked about her appearance and skills :P But come on, her voice could be worse.

Senyra1867d ago

Implants are over rated :(

Mqvlo1867d ago

Remember we are seeing a quite younger version of Lara on this game, and even so, she looks perfect... also notice how hard would be to move around with huge implants! haha