PAYDAY 2 Announced, Release Date slated for 2013

The original PAYDAY: The Heist, a co-op based heist shooter released in 2011, developed by OVERKILL Software is getting a sequel titled PAYDAY 2.

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WeAreLegion1955d ago

What happened? SOE helped with the first one. It's odd that they aren't for this one. That means a 360 release. Very weird though...

JakemanPS319941955d ago

Its because starbreeze bought out overkill. I don't really know when but that would explain Xbox development

madara0sama1955d ago

Can't wait. Last game had massive potential.

Tokyo_reject1955d ago

They REALLY need to make Payday 1 free to play...

SlapHappyJesus1955d ago

Payday has always really interested me, though my lack of a Playstation 3 (this is going to change soon) or a decent pc (also going to change, very soon) has kept me from playing.
Happy to see there is a sequel coming, though I am definitely going to dip into the original either way.

bryam19821955d ago

Spending those tax returns the right way i see, u will have a lot if fun whit the best games kudos to you amigo

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