PS4 Pre-Orders Seeing 'Unprecedented Demand' - Retailer

Pre-orders for Sony's PlayStation 4 (PS4) console have seen 'unprecedented demand' according to a leading online retailer.

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Ezz20131805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

now that sony made the first move
and what they have done with ps3 when it come to games and online
made alot of ppl feel good about getting ps4 with out any sec thought
because they know when it comes to games
sony will always deliver

just looking at 2013 so far it's been awesome for ps3 owners
ni no kuni,sly cooper,god of war ascension,the last of us, beyond .etc

XB1_PS41805d ago

That's the only reason I'm buying a ps3.. For the games. I have a high end gaming pc that I love. It's just not going to have the games ps4 has. I am one of these people that want a preorder price now!

shoddy1805d ago

Ya me too. My soul purpose getting a PlayStation is for games. It's a bonus it does more.
Everyone have smartphone and tables, that what they use most for net surfing and social network.

KwietStorm1805d ago


You wrote 'soul' on purpose didn't you

Omni-Tool1805d ago

I just signed up for gamestops "first to know" program for when they announce the PS4 is ready for pre-order.

That said, I think the only and biggest disappointment from sony is not being able to keep up with demand at launch. I would be ok with this do as long as I was in line and I was still guaranteed a console soon after launched.

blitz06231805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

The most amazing thing about this is that it doesn't even have an official price and it's already in high demand

1805d ago
Ares84HU1805d ago

Same here. I want to preorder it as soon as possible. I would like to have one on the first day it's out but I refuse to stand in line for it. I did that for the PS3 and it was a horrible experience.

kreate1804d ago


If u pre-ordered a ps3, u didnt have to wait in line for it. U just go pick it up.

Only line ur waiting was trying to get through the holiday shoppers to where the cashier is at.

Ares84HU1804d ago


I know, that is why I want to preorder it. The preorder of PS3 sold out everywhere in less than 20 minutes, I never got a chance to preorder it so I decided to wait in line. My advice; if you can't preorder it than don't stand in line for it. Wait untill it's available and you can buy it easily withiut waiting in line 2 days.

kreate1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


Oh ic. That would of been horrible waiting in line. I got respect for ppl who waited in line for a ps3's launch. Cuz the line formed 3-4 days before the launch date.

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Crazyglues1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Yeah it's been an exciting year so far...

The announcement of PS4 and all the games I'm just now getting and playing on PS3..

Just finished Crysis 3 and now I'm playing God of War Ascension and then Bio-shock is around the corner.. -Great time to be a gamer

-But with all that going on I'm still pumped for my PS4 titles, I would love if they would just release the price already... I'm ready to pre-order..

(Hell I even want to pre-order the system) I don't want to worry about getting one, so would be cool if Amazon would just start taking orders so I can lock it down for day-one delivery..

DAY_ONE PS4 Games 4 Me Are-

Battlefield 4
Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
Infamous Second Son
Killzone Shadow Fall

-And So it begins-

||.........___||............ ||

extermin8or1805d ago

yep ^exactly how i feel :p in terms of wanting amazon to start taking pre orders and sony to give us a price. This device is going to be hard to get hold of by xmas I reckon...

Jaqen_Hghar1805d ago

A man will get KZ day one and wait for WatchDogs and Infamous (if it's a launch title) for Christmas. A man will get Driveclub and AC when they drop in price.

kreate1804d ago

U got the cash to buy the ps4 + all those games?

EbeneezerGoode1804d ago

agree with those choices except assasins creed which never did anything for me, and BF4 which I'll be playing on PC (eventually) - much nicer on PC (BF3 already is and mouse/keyboard is vital for me).

The rest though... day one... will reserve judgement on Infamous as again wasn't blown away with the previous games.

Crazyglues1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

@ EbeneezerGoode

yeah I wanted to do BF3 on my PC but for some reason I just end up doing work on my PC instead of Gaming.. Did play Crysis 2 on my PC but it was so hard for me to adjust back to mouse/keyboard I bought that Xbox PC controller and since My PC had to rev up so much just to play I just started playing on console and Leave my PC for work..

-But yeah I'm with you on everything, even infamous I was going to just wait - But then I remembered I had so much fun on 1 & 2 just playing for hours - at the very least it should be a long enjoyable campaign.. so for that reason I just added it to day one.

@ kreate

Of course... I thought the system was going to be much higher then what it looks like we are going to get... -so I put a $1000 dollars aside- which really is not that much money (I almost spent more then that for a new graphics card for my PC (the insane GTX 690)

-But I was thinking nex gen was going to come in around $899 so at that price add an extra controller and I thought a $1000 was a safe bet..

So now it's looking like we will be well below that and more like $529-$599 so hell yeah I'm ready, that just means now If games come in around close to last gen as SONY guy said they would be no more then 10 dollars higher- $59-69 mark..

So I'm ready, and I can't wait...

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TheTwelve1805d ago

Yeah. Let's see how well Microsoft does this gen without a developing/sales/advertisement year's head start. --12

Software_Lover1805d ago

What does Microsoft have to do with this?

TheTwelve1805d ago

Was replying to the initial comment of "Sony made the first move"

AngelicIceDiamond1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )


"because they know when it comes to games
sony will always deliver."

Sorry I doubt that or anything you said actually. I'm pretty sure its because it has a 4 at the end of it and its just the next PlayStation. And most of all, its available for pre-order.

The Wii U had the same stuff said about it last year.

etc, etc. Why was in "High demand" and "anticipated" because its simply new and it is Nintendo after all despite the main selling point being the tablet controller. And most of the games were third party line up along side Mario. It would be funny to change your words and say

"Now that NINTENDO made the first move and what they have done with the Wii when it comes to games and the motion controller made allot of people feel good about getting a Wii U with out any sec thoughts because they know when it comes to games and innovation Nintendo will always deliver."

Granted people had way more details about the Wii U at the time, VS little details about the PS4 it really comes down to just being available for pre-orders right now, realistically. Not what you said in particular.

zeldafreak4041805d ago

you're right the same was said about wii u

FamilyGuy1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

No, the context doesn't fit quite as well when compared to the Wii and Wii-U. Wii had many casual gamers and they DIDN'T feel comfortable about the Wii-U because they lost interested in the Wii. Seeing what happened with it had a NEGATIVE effect on their interest in a new Wii.

The people that WERE interested in Wii-U were the core gamers because of all the titles mentioned before launch but many got pushed back so they lost interest too. They sat waiting for more game announcements to warrant buying the system and the nintendo direct helped but all that hype was taken when Raymond got delayed and the PS4 was officially announced.

PS3 has been showing an upward curve and people are still interested in it, unlike the wii, so the PS4 is much more "highly anticipated" because people are already seeing Sony do things they like and making games they want.

There's a pretty big difference and the only things that would change that are:
Sony having a small number of launch games
Sony's launch games being delayed
Sony's PS4 being delayed
The next xbox being announced and showing something fantastic that steals the attention away.

S2Killinit1805d ago

you "doubt" that that is why this person wants a PS4? how is that? are you a mind reader? lol
joking aside, that is actually exactly why I want a PS4, Sony really did deliver the goods this generation. They came up with awesome first party exclusives and I want a gaming system because I want to play games. I actually spend more time on netflix that anything else, but I mean netflix you can get on other devices as well. In other words, I buy PS4 for the exclusives.

Omni-Tool1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

The irony is nobody cares/cared about WiiU.

BattleAxe1805d ago

The same might have been said about the WiiU, but one thing is for sure.....the WiiU didn't deliver, and its obvious that its lack of power has made the WiiU less interesting to developers.

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FamilyGuy1805d ago

It'll be cool to get a new console that instantly has a high userbase to play along with as soon as it's out. There's so many pre-orders plus the rumor of them having 16 million available at launch. If that holds true or even anywhere near 8 million launch the PS4 will have an epic community day 1.

Dj7FairyTail1805d ago

right sony fans hype up sony games then month or week before they release they don't even buy em.

Ezz20131805d ago

like what ?! and what is your source ?!

Dj7FairyTail1805d ago

Ratchet and Clank
Sly Cooper 4
Little Big Planet Karting
PS Vita also been hype up to be better than 3DS to be the best handheld that will sell like crazy.

Ezz20131805d ago

again what your source ?! for your sake
i hope it's not vgcharts

and also psvita is the best handheld ever made
and i think you missed the news

xursz1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Believe it or not people were and are actually excited about those games. Its no different than Nintendo fans getting excited about a Pikmin game (the original sold a million in its lifetime) and I'm not saying anything bad about either. Why does it bother people that others are pre ordering and excited about a console?

edited spelling

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Leio1804d ago

I´m waiting for the price, its the only PS4-spec that is missing missing right now

CoolBeansRus1804d ago

This article is hilarious. A lot of, "we were told" and "they said" from a company that's only been around for 7 years!!! This is not news, this is dumb. It would be another story if this was coming from game stop, but it's not. It's coming from a website that wasn't around for any other game console pre-order. lol.

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Cocozero1805d ago ShowReplies(12)
Prcko1805d ago

this is the reason:
PSone 1994
Ps2 2000
Ps3 2006
Ps4 2014
people are hungry to play NEXT GEN!

Timmey1805d ago

2014? Don't you mean 2013?

Prcko1805d ago

november 2013 is very close to 2014,and we even don't know if this is final release date

Qrphe1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Except most of their consoles have launched late in the year (with the exception of the PS2).
In response to you second comment

kupomogli1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

PSOne was September 1995.

Also, if you're listing PS4 as 2014, you may as well list everything else a year later. They also came out at the end of the year. October for PS2 and November for PS3.

But if you notice something, from PSOne to PS2 it's five years, PS2 to PS3 is six years, and PS3 to PS4 is seven years.

So next Playstation console will be out in eight years?

sandman2241805d ago

I'm still waiting for retail stores to let me pre order here in the USA. I wonder what models they'll make?

JakemanPS319941804d ago

I hope for a 5 and a 10 terabyte model. Especially with them pushing digital a huge hard drive.

Chicago85061805d ago

ppl r just preordering what they want.
PS4 apparently is what they want.

Game on.