'Pokemon Rumble U' is basically 'Skylanders' with Pocket Monsters

First there was Skylanders, which stole the hearts of both toy lovers and video game players all across the world. Then, every kid with an imagination perked up at the announcement of Disney Universe. Now, after witnessing the sale of millions of Near Field Communication figures, Pokemon Rumble U is joining the fray.

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CaptainN1955d ago

Easy money to be made here !

HexxedAvenger1955d ago

I saw it coming.... but not with Rumble U. This will be interesting.

khowat1955d ago

Loved rumble on wii, it just had a certain feel to it

r211955d ago

Its not a rip off of skylanders then unless its Nintendo.

tigertron1955d ago

Give me a proper Pokémon MMORPG Nintendo, and with all regions included too.

Summons751955d ago

I'll take just a normal RPG with all the region and pokemon including legendaries and starters. None of this mmo nonsense, though a open world online option would be a good plus.

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The story is too old to be commented.