GamesRadar - Razer Blade review - 8 reasons to buy it (and 6 not to)

GamesRadar - A few years back, ever other analyst was predicting an end to PC gaming. In 2013, that couldn't be any further from the truth. While consoles scramble towards the next-generation, PCs are already there, with amazing visuals and bountiful exclusives, from SimCity to StarCraft II to any number of stellar free-to-play games. Unfortunately, dedicating a space for a desktop gaming rig can be difficult. That’s where gaming laptops come into play.

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Utalkin2me1866d ago

"Bountiful Exclusives" that's funny stuff right there don't care who you are.

SilentNegotiator1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

"...from SimCity to..."


Come on, he couldn't think of a game that works in place of listing SimCity?

WeAreLegion1866d ago

The unresponsive keyboard, alone, is enough for me not to want it. That and the fact that I can get a comparable machine from ibuypower for about $1000 less.

Steadyhndz1866d ago

In you break down everything the Blade is probably the worst laptop to get when it comes to this comparison and here's why...go back in time to about September of 2012 and this laptop was actually worth it. Similar machines were running only $500 less...but that extra $500 was worth it when you were getting a machine that was running cooler than all the others and running better scores.

Flip the switch 6 months, and we're looking at the same price, same specs, while all of its competitors have updated all their stuff. IBP has upgraded his laptop section several times since, making their comparable laptop back then at about $1800+tax, to now about $1400+tax. $400 difference because the costs from chip manufacturers have gone down tremendously since.

If Razer would make this laptop with more options, and started at around $1800 (for a similar model now) then it would be an awesome buy for a gamer who wants a good laptop.

Luckily the Edge is coming out soon and it'll do a lot better than the Blade...most of the Blades were given away to be quite honest...very few were sold and Razer didn't get a scratch because their investors took the hit :p