Tomb Raider: Too much of a departure | The Age review

The Age writes:

I'd say this is a promising reboot, but I hope the revived series will return a little more to its roots in coming sequels. Let's see a few more tombs in future, eh?

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MysticStrummer1833d ago

"I hope the revived series will return a little more to its roots in coming sequels"

Amen. Get back to what made you great in the first place instead of copying another game just because it does well.

rocky0475861833d ago

I left you a PM but I can post it here as well.

I didn't realize you haven't played the game yet. You have to give this game a go because the experience is NOT like Uncharted and you will find that out once you play. It truly feels like the older games but better in every way. No it's not chock full of puzzles and whatnot, but the exploration is still there to be found in the midst of all the action going on and at least they did include optional puzzles and puzzles more towards the end of the game within the story as well.

The platforming feels NOTHING like Uncharted at all except in key set piece moments too, there's still a greater dependency on accuracy than there is on just auto-jump this and you'll make it no matter where you're jumping from because you're a magnet like Uncharted and Enslaved. Does this game have things in common with UC? Sure, they'd be foolish as hell to literally keep the same model from the first games and not change a thing to match what gamers are playing now. But it still is rooted in what made Lara Croft's adventures stand out from people like Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Monkey from Enslaved and other action-adventure titles as well.

Give this game a try and I severely doubt you're going to be as disappointed as you think you are.

aliengmr1832d ago

While it could have had more puzzles the ones it did have were interesting. Not complicated, but it did remind me of Half Life 2.

I'll be honest, I don't miss the "grid" from the previous games, at all. It retains many elements from previous games, but its much more organic.

Far and away the best part is Lara herself. I never cared much for her character in the previous titles. She lacked depth IMO. This is what the character needed and TR did that quite well. So well in fact, that it improves the Lara from the other games.

rocky047586 is right, give it a go. Save the harsh critique for the sequel. It will need to find its own identity. This was the introduction, so I'll be looking for more puzzles and exploration in the next time.