Killzone: From Disappointing Exclusive To Flagship Franchise

WC - To say the Killzone franchise has come a long way would probably be the grossest understatement of all time along with “The Rolling Stones are an okay rock n’ roll band”. The first game was good, but extremely over-hyped to its own detriment. Billed as Sony’s “Halo-killer,” the original Killzone was released in 2004 to mediocre reviews and practically zero fanfare.

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DFresh1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

The only thing holding back the Killzone franchise from huge success is the slow controls.
If Guerilla Games could make it fast paced then it'd be a monster seller and would sell tons of Playstation consoles.
I've always loved the series for the single player and the multiplayer is good but the slow controls even on a high sensitivity settings make it frustrating to play.
Such a shame.
On the positive side Killzone: Shadow Fall looks to have fixed that slow controls issue after not addressing it after KZ2 in KZ3.
Better late then never I guess.

Bathyj1897d ago

Couldnt disagree more. I prefer game that has a weight to it and not feel like youre on rocket skates.

DFresh1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Have you ever picked up a rifle and shot it before?
It's not that heavy in real life as depicted in Killzone series and you can move and aim fast with it.
The whole slow controls concept is unrealistic and not enjoyable to play in an FPS game.
Slow controls will only make the game slower paced.
Hell I don't care if Guerilla games made it a controller option to have faster controllers.
Variety is always good.
There's reason other FPS games like Call of Duty (meh), Battlefield, Crysis, Half Life, Unreal Tournament, Planetside 2, Tribes: Ascend, Team Fortress and so forth are more popular/played more then Killzone it's because of the fast/input lag free controls.

Bathyj1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I went pistol shooting on the weekend actually since you mentioned it, and yes I am well experience with rifles. Been shooting since I was in single digits.

I dont really know what game you're playing because Killzone is not that slow like youre making out and if you think CoD is realistic and you can move as fast along the ground as the game character moves in that game, then you shouldnt be wasting time on videogames, you should be in the Olympics.

And thats besides the point anyway, I'm not debating which game is more real or which is better, I'm saying you have plenty of games that play the way you described already. People who love Killzone love it BECAUSE it feels different and dont want it to feel like every other game. Theres no need for everything to be the same as CoD just becauses its popular.

I love steak, but I dont want every food I eat to taste like steak.

MysticStrummer1897d ago

I agree with Bathyj.

"Have you ever picked up a rifle and shot it before?
It's not that heavy in real life as depicted in Killzone series and you can move and aim fast with it."

Sorry but that's a really silly argument. Surely you don't think all rifles weigh the same...? It's just as reasonable to assume the KZ rifles have to be sturdy and heavy because of the ammo they fire, and the troops wear heavy armor so they can withstand direct hits from that ammo.

I have to laugh if you think any of those other games you listed have a realistic feel to them. The reason they're popular is because they're not realistic. Everyone can run around like a coked up Rambo. There are plenty of games like that already.

NateCole1897d ago

Never had problems with KZ2 controls. It was harder to get kills compare to COD but i preferred it that way. Getting kills in COD is way to easy that it gets really boring after a short while.

Neo-Axl1897d ago

Very true, achieveing a kill in KZ2 actually felt like an accomplishment. Thus meaning each match I joined and done well in would bring a great relief at the end of each match.

Jaqen_Hghar1897d ago

A man will get KZ with his PS4 at launch. A man believes it will be the perfect game to test his new controller and social features on. A man can't wait to hear his PS4 start up *a man drools*.

NateCole1897d ago

No. There is never any specific flagship franchise game for PS. The closest to one is GT. Even then i think MGS or Uncharted now is getting close

Hicken1897d ago

And that's the way I like it. It's what sets Sony apart, and really exemplifies their approach to gaming.

Never played the first Killzone, but KZ2 is still my favorite online, followed closely by BFBC2, Red Dead, and UC 2.

Neo-Axl1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I played Killzone 2 yesterday, and to my suprise there are more players playing KZ2 online than there are people playing KZ3 online.

Like it or not, those heavy controls give Killzone 2 personality. I enjoyed KZ2 online way more than I did KZ3, the only thing KZ3 has over KZ2 is the melee system.

The new Killzone is my "first game to play on the PS4!" game, as long as at the heart of the game it still has the Killzone atmosphere & gameplay even if altered a bit, it'll do just fine for fans of the series as well as new players who will also be picking it up along with their PS4 purchase.