The Best $30 You Can Spend on the PSN

IGN - A reader has money burning a hole in his pocket, so the IGN PlayStation team sets him straight on what to buy.

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kB01898d ago

this video should have been done during the PSN Game sales for GOTY....for 30$ you could get AMAZING games, including walking dead for around 10$.

sdozzo1898d ago

we need more articles telling us about deals etc. I feel like I'm checking four websites daily looking for sales etc.

ThatArtGuy1898d ago

You're welcome.

BullyMangler1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

"thatartGuy" (:

you: In Smash you can hide until someone gets to 100% and jump into the fray and knock someone out with a single hit

ME: caca . . so if i have a 1VS1, i can hide and wait for him to reach 100% . ummm ..i .. . no . and not even bowser can get knocked out at 100, hese heavy, dont you know each character in brawl actually has their own weight and gravity . yur just confused? or you do not brawl it no shihh. ive fought many brawlers that even they at 100, they manage to still de-stock me, because of something called SKILL . not to mention MANY can kill someone in brawl by getting a spike, at any percentage. 20, 30, 100, etc . . or you can hang on the side like a pussy-toe and block their grab back on stage

allstars is stale weakness compared to every smash game

ElementX1898d ago

I have to watch an ad before the video?

Tiqila1898d ago

you might want to install adblock and ghostery