Twist In ‘Steam Box’ Saga: Piston Makers Say They Were ‘Asked To Build A Product By Valve’

Kotaku - Hardware maker Xi3 has addressed today's confusion, telling Kotaku tonight that despite Valve's statements this morning, the Steam makers actually asked Xi3 to design the Piston PC.

In a strange statement this morning, Valve distanced themselves from Piston, a living-room-friendly PC that some have taken to calling an unofficial 'Steam Box' because it is designed to hook up to your television and play games in Steam's Big Picture mode—and because Xi3 said it had been backed by Valve.

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-Mezzo-1984d ago

What am i suppose to believe?

Saryk1982d ago

Like I stated before, why is this a issue?

This is called a investigative joint venture. I give you money to build me a robot screw doll. You make a damn good doll, but it is too expensive. You already got my money for the time and material investment. But I don’t want it because it doesn’t fit X,Y, or Z. Unless the contract of the joint venture says something completely different, this is a closed story! ISJV

aliengmr1982d ago

Sounds like Xi3 wants to connect Valve to the piston for marketing purposes.

The confusion stems from Gabe not being clear and the media portraying the Steambox as a next-gen console like the PS4/720.

Valve seems to have picked up on the confusion and is trying to clarify to gamers that this is NOT the Steambox and that it was not developed by them.