Hideo Kojima to "make the impossible to possible", again

Hideo Kojima plans to "make the impossible to possible", again, marking his plans to reveal a FOX engine tech presentation at GDC2013.

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first1NFANTRY1805d ago

Man i want him to revolutionize MGS:GZ just like he did with the original on PS1. If anyone can exceed my expectations it's definitely this man.

Oh and Naughty Gods ofcourse hehe. Bring on GDC13

Monstar1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

There is nothing he can do that other creative developers haven't already done, he can only improve what's out there, perfect it so to speak.

Besides his vision is mainly story or character based, gameplay has always been a backseat, keep in mind he always wanted to be a director.

Lets just hope the gameplay is more realism based in flow and just animations, i always beleived MGS should'be been what Splinter cell was in terms of gameplay.

j-blaze1804d ago

oh please don't mix Kojima and ND in the same box, Kojima is on whole another level no doubt he'll bring an experience unlike anything especially in story and characters department and btw, it's naughty DOG, just curious, what game made by them exceeded your expectations? all they made is an average tps games this whole gen

SnotyTheRocket1804d ago

Eh, did you play Uncharted 2? Average TPS? Okay. /s

BlmThug1804d ago

ND are seriously up there (UC2 is in my top three for mind blown on the PS3) but Koji just does things on another level. MGS4 is the greatest game in history for me (Used to be Crash Bandicoot on PS1) and ND still have ways to go till they can reach KojiGod level

MysticStrummer1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Kojima was impressed with The Last of Us, whether you are or not, j-blaze.


whoyouwit041804d ago

"it's naughty DOG, just curious, what game made by them exceeded your expectations? all they made is an average tps games this whole gen"

Uncharted 1&2 were above average games but 3 was a big let down, to be honest they were all just eye candy with descent game play and in ok story. there was nothing really mind blowing about the uncharted series other then the graphics, I really think that Naughty Dog them selves are over hyped they haven't revolutionize any thing this gen they only borrowed from Tomb Raider and in the end the newest Tomb Raider game buts the entire Uncharted series to shame.

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CaitSith1804d ago

Imagine if both Kojima AND Naughty Dog collaborated.

*Videogame industry implodes*

Paul851805d ago

Hopefully we get a release date for MGS:GZ just can't wait to see what kojima is up to he always has my complete attention.

Kevlar0091805d ago

They will never expect me to reveal ANOTHER Metal Gear game

This time, more realistic than ever

CapsLocke1805d ago

Hmm, by making more cut-scenes?

Studio-YaMi1805d ago

No,by making one of the best franchises ever made,go hate somewhere else now.

creatchee1804d ago

I agree with you that the Metal Gear franchise is one of the best ever, but come on - the cutscenes got out of hand with MGS2 and have been steadily taking up more and more time in relation to actual gameplay.

mamotte1804d ago

No, they'll be interactive. You'll be able to move the camera.

josephayal1804d ago

So MGS4 on Xbox 360 is possible this year

Braid1804d ago

More like Phantom Pain on Vita, with those visuals that'd be achieving impossible in my book.

Lf_sIcKmAn1804d ago

What's a VITA? Oh right, that console that has sold very poorly… Not good business… If he does present something, it would be PS4 related with the fox engine.

Braid1804d ago


A game of that caliber would not only sell very well to gamers who already own a Vita as they're starving for home-console quality games, but also boost the system sales dramatically. Not only it would prove that Vita has a great hardware but also it'd show that Fox Engine is a highly optimizable beast of an engine, so it's great advertisement for their engine marketing as well. I don't see why it could be a bad business move, as you stated.

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