Damsels In Distress

Nerdluster: Anita Sarkeesian has been working for almost a year to expand upon her Tropes vs. Women web series with new content that focuses on video games. The videos are to be featured on her website & blog Feminist Frequency but they'll also be posted via YouTube, a portal well known for its rowdy, racist and childish crowd of commenters. In May of 2012 she took to Kickstarter to help fund the venture and at first it seemed as though she would simply meet her goals. After a few days a disgusting minority of abusive detractors started attacking her on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube comments and any other anonymous form of feedback.

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KingKelloggTheWH1951d ago

Quit giving attention to this person,she does nothing productive.

let game developers make games the way they want.Sure the direction some of these games go is terrible but it's better then having everything being so PC that we can't get a decent story anywhere.

feedluster1951d ago

Ignoring her is not really an option for someone who keeps their ear to the ground of the gaming industry. Even if what she says is just her opinion the traction she's getting and the criticism she's receiving is enough to make it a newsworthy topic.

What would you suggest I do? Should I ignore it and pretend as though it doesn't exist? Her video has close to 900,000 views right now and it's just growing, to ignore it seems ignorant for a writer & commentator.

AnotherProGamer1951d ago

Why did people give her 150k to make videos?

feedluster1951d ago

From what I gather it was mostly about being able to deliver the content without advertisements. When it comes to opinion and social issues advertisers tend to get squeamish.