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Submitted by Smurf1 1067d ago | news

The Last of Us new Info: Joel has own Hit Detection, no Blindfire, More

"We have some new details on The Last of Us and these don’t feature any story spoilers, so you can read it without worrying." (PS3, The Last Of Us)

PSVita  +   1067d ago
This game is aiming to be one of the best this genration. Good job ND.
Walker  +   1067d ago
Nope, This game is aiming to be the best in this genration. Naughty Gods indeed .
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Irishguy95   1067d ago | Trolling | show
hesido  +   1067d ago
Uncharted is a cinematic experience, although some game mechanics are similar. Let Uncharted be Uncharted and Tomb Raider be Tomb Raider.
RyuCloudStrife  +   1067d ago
i swear they should rename themselfs
FlunkinMonkey  +   1067d ago | Well said
@ Irishguy95

You might want to do a bit of growing up there brother.. 18yrs old? Time to get out of those diapers and into your big boy pants.

Tomb Raider is great, but is nothing on Uncharted in my opinion.. Plot, Characters and generally Fluidity are still polished, and way out of Tomb Raiders reach. Tomb Raider attempts to create similar cinematic scenes and nail biting moments, but doesn't quite have the finesse.

Good game none the less, but what you talk is pure dribbel..
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1067d ago
"The main protagonist Joel is said to have his own hit detection, and if he gets shot in the left arm you would see him hold his injured arm with his right hand. It will also lead to blood loss and the screen would turn red.

To fix it, you need to remove the bullet out of the wound, disinfect it with alcohol or antiseptic and bind the wound."

Wow.. that sounds awesome.. kinda like day Z


"Oh also, Tomb Raider was a Cinematic experience too. But it didn't let that rule the gameplay."

So those instant death quick time events don't rule out gameplay? Also tomb raider keeps yanking away control from you to show you that it is cinematic


And I never understood the flack uncharted got for having cut scenes. I mean uncharted in the end is a well crafted third person shooter. You can make the same critisism for a game like gears of war.

Except uncharted and gears are smart about when to give players control and they rarely yank control from you, except for cutscenes, which are designed to give the players a break.

And when you die in uncharted/gears it never feels cheap, and often its your fault. In tomb raider the only thing that has killed me are quick time events

Hell the opening of tomb raider was one of the worst openings I have ever played... not to mention the PC version shows a hand instead of f and you have no idea what the hell you are supposed to press
Silly gameAr  +   1067d ago
"Tomb Raider > Uncharted series"

Just to people that haven't played the Uncharted series. Not sure why you felt the need to bring that up here anyway.
Ezz2013  +   1067d ago
this article about the last of us
but it's now about uncharted vs tomb raider
any one on this site still want to force his opinion that
tomb raider is better than uncharted games
even though reviews and scores disagree by alot
then by all means
..think what ever help you sleep the night :)

ps3 owners get uncharted and the best version of TR on consoles anyway

it's a win/win for ps3 owners ;)
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Eyeco  +   1067d ago
You know I could never understand if you were trolling or not, I mean you did have some sense in you're comments but based on that comment alone I'm convinced its official you're a troll
j-blaze  +   1067d ago
@ Irishguy95

i don't know about Tomb Raider but agreed on uncharted Series being overrated especially U3, you see, i'm very careful when buying games but hype and fake "paid" reviews can sometimes force you to buy sucky games thinking they are great

also, ND said they want to revolutionize and change the gaming industry with this game but TLoU looks to be nothing like they say, it's a normal game, nothing special, nothing groundbreaking, and i already know how the game will end
MysticStrummer  +   1067d ago
Irishguy and j-blaze are welcome to their opinions, just as long as they understand they're in a tiny minority.

The Last of Us will be yet another amazing game from ND, one of the most consistently great developers around. Can't wait.
Root  +   1066d ago
@IrishGuy sound like a massive Tomb Raider fangirl, the ones who are so stuck in the past that they are furious that Nathan Drake stole Laras platforming crown.

Your probably one of the people who think "Uncharted copied Tomb Raider"

subtenko  +   1066d ago
Wow this article is fake. You have some nerve whoever wrote this. When stuff like this happens, you should ban the site from being submitted on here.
_QQ_  +   1066d ago
as a single player experience. i don't think it will be bettar than MGS4, bioshock,Red Dead or Skyward sword. and obviously it cant compete with games like sc2 or dota2 in the online catagory. gonna be amazing. but not best of the gen. also @ Root pretty sure the platformer crown goes to Mario. you mean shooter/platformer.
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DigitalRaptor  +   1063d ago
-- "fake "paid" reviews" --

A new level of delusion. Just wow... Apparently people are also "faking their excitement" for The Last of Us too, eh j-blaze?

-- "also, ND said they want to revolutionize and change the gaming industry with this game but TLoU looks to be nothing like they say, it's a normal game, nothing special, nothing groundbreaking, and i already know how the game will end" --

If you think the game is nothing special, and nothing groundbreaking, and nothing like they say, then why did you reply to me via PM with the following, when I proved wrong all the things you are claiming?

-- "you were right on most things you said, i didn't know what to say...but still ND's attitude is cheap and their games are overrated TLoU will be no different! cheers!" --

It's a clear sign of delusion when you accept one thing, then go far against it the next day. You are so desperate for this game to fail that you will lie to people even when you know the truth and admit the truth in places where you think you can't be exposed.

The reviews will come out and the actual body of text (not just the score) will dictate how incredible TLoU will be from a reviewer's perspective. You can call reviews "paid" and "fake" all you want but at the end of the day all you're doing is being 100% butt hurt because things don't go in your favour. You want people to share in your unfounded and overzealous hatred for Naughty Dog, but it's just not happening.

You can't downplay this:

I can't wait to see your new level of butt hurt when TLoU is EVERYTHING they said it would be and actually takes emotional storytelling in the industry and runs with it (just like Beyond: Two Souls with further carry), and is praised industry wide - not just on N4G. lmao!

I can't wait to see you pick apart reviews and call them fake. I can't wait to see you take troll reviews and call them good. I can't wait to see the utter desperation in your motives to downplay an excellent genre-defining game.
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dboyc310  +   1067d ago
This article is fake Neil druckmann has stated in his twitter.
Donnieboi  +   1067d ago
Man the hype is getting rediculous. People dont even know anything about this game. I love ND too, but seriously the delay and the fact the demo was delayed to come out only a little while before the actual game releases, makes me feel unsure about this game. I won't be a mindless drone who hypes up a game even more than the company who makes it does. I'm gonna wait for reviews to come in before I buy it. Been burned by too many overhyped games simply because people overhyped it.

Better safe than sorry in My book.
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Ezz2013  +   1067d ago
what ppl ?!
pretty much every site played the game
read the previews

we saw tons of gameplay
watch the gameplay videos

either that you live under a rock or live under a rock
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Intentions  +   1067d ago
I wanna play it now :).

Imagine next gen AI's/game mechanics :D
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PSVita  +   1067d ago
That's what I'm most excited about.
r21  +   1067d ago
Oh man oh man. Just when i think i cant get any more excited for TLOU, a new preview just makes it even more so! Just 2 more months folks.
Darth Stewie  +   1067d ago
I know how u feel. I opened up my God of War Ascension and The Last of Us voucher still had the old May 7 release date and that made me sad. Oh well this game will be worth it.
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r21  +   1067d ago
Dude that must be torture for you. Having the demo right there ready to be played but Sony/ND says 'no,you wait till we say so'. Its more hell for me though since I dont have the extra cash to buy GoW: Ascension :C
GribbleGrunger  +   1067d ago
This game is going to crank up the tension like no other game. Everything has been designed from the ground up to make life difficult if you don't mind your step and just rush in with your guns blazing. This is MGS+ with teeth! I'm going to be stealthing the hell out of this game and enjoying every damn minute of it. 25 hours of pure, unadulterated fear ... Marvellous!
Bathyj  +   1067d ago
I can already see people complaining because we'll have to unlearn alot of gaming conventions. No blind fire, limited ammo. The short attention span, run and gun crowd are going to have a tough time adapting.

But I'm with you, I'll be sneaking every step of the way. I'll stalking for minutes at a time for one enemy just observing. Its gonna take me back to the tension I first felt with Tenchu and Manhunt.
GribbleGrunger  +   1067d ago
I agree. There are some people that just won't get it, but that's fine IMO. Stealth isn't for everyone. [run on sentence alert:] The only thing that worries me slightly is that some reviewers will consider it broken because they can't come to terms with it and their egos won't permit them to admit their inability to understand the mechanics. MGS fans are going to enjoy it for certain, but COD fanatics may just find the whole thing too damned hard.

One small note from a Gaff poster: The input lag appears to be 'heft' and is simply a translation error. No other preview has mentioned this so I tend to believe him. Joel is grounded in reality and hasn't got the super human versatility of Drake. I'm actually looking forward to that too.
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Ace_Pheonix  +   1067d ago
Haha, have you ever seen this guys playthrough of MGS2? It's such a hilarious train wreak. I'll definitely keep my eye out for his playthrough of TLOU. COD kids really just need to stick to playing COD on their 360s.
Bathyj  +   1067d ago
This kind of injury to a player is something Ive wanted for a long time. In fact I was hoping the enemies in Killzone would have it.

If you shoot them in the leg, they shouldnt be able to run. If you shoot their hands, they shouldnt be able to pick up a gun.
mayberry  +   1067d ago
Good Killzone reference! Although Killzone does have incredible enemy A.I., It would be a step beyond to have a better hit detection system.
peowpeow  +   1067d ago
Killzone has a great hit detection system, just that it doesn't have consequences for them. Would be awesome to see
tristansprofile  +   1067d ago
the last of us destroys resident evil & silent hill & dead space
GribbleGrunger  +   1067d ago
We can't know that for sure but all the signs are that it could well just do that.
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BladerunnerZX  +   1067d ago
Anything and everything that Naughty Dog touches is pure gold.

Uncharted is a true AAA game series and I have no doubt that The Last of Us will be nothing short of brilliant.

The Last of Us is the prime example of why I support and respect both Sony and Naughty Dog.

Who else would launch a completely new IP late in a consoles life cycle ?
Only Sony and Naughty Dog thats who.

All the while Microsoft plays it safe with a Gears of War rehash to keep the 360 on life support.
GribbleGrunger  +   1067d ago
I sort of agree, although Rain, Puppeteer, Beyond and Until Dawn are all new IPs too, but they're not made by ND. Sony do this generation after generation. It IS good to be a Playstation gamer regardless of the flack you take occasionally.
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ThatIrishGamer  +   1067d ago
Blind fire completely ruined uncharted 3 multiplayer so sounds great!
FriedGoat  +   1067d ago
I wouldn't say it ruined it, I like the UC3 multiplayer, I play it alot with a mate of mine.
What ruins the multiplayer is the insane lag, its seconds before you know you are being shot and then you're dead. You can be killed when you've run round a corner Because on their screen your out in the open. It's shizz like that.
RE_L_MAYER  +   1067d ago
I remember when ps3 came out we had a good looking indjana johnes game butof course if was canceled with few other promises
ado908  +   1067d ago
Man they put in so much work into this game.If this game gets reviewed under a 90 on metacritic then I'm gonna unleash hell for those reviewers because they obviously don't see the time and effort Naughty Dog put into this game. It is literally like no other game and to be even given a 7/10 is ridiculous
Ezz2013  +   1067d ago
it will still get some 7/10 from some just for the hits

this is why the gaming media is going downhill
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AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   1066d ago
Edge Magazine say Hi.
Tornadobounce  +   1067d ago
Petrol bomb looked shit. Sounds good!
sourav93  +   1067d ago
Damn! The more I look at this game, the more I find it hard to believe it's not a next gen game. Nice one ND. Day one indeed.
Inception  +   1067d ago
"The listen mode can be disabled and if you use headphones you can hear every sound the infected are doing. The sound design seems to be really fantastic. Listen mode enables you to see through walls and it’s nice that it can be disabled."

I hope people who complain about listen mode is unrealistic and just like detective mode from Batman can sleep well tonight...

Btw, this game can't come soon enough! >.<
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plaZeHD  +   1067d ago
The Last Of Us sounds more next gen than every next gen game that has been announced.
trenso1  +   1067d ago
Happy I can disable listen mode, I'll try it to see how it works but then I'll turn it off the more challenge the better.
lovegames718  +   1067d ago
Obviously ppl dont play Uc3 mp any longer because if they did they would know that you rarely see blind fire kills for the longest due to the patch. You hardly see ppl playing and over powering with Gmals either. Uc3 mp is still hugely populated even before the free to play took place and thousands play everyday. Whats overrated for you, isnt overrated for another person. I do agree however that Uc2 is a better all around game but Uc3 is still better than most games and its mp s more fun.

As for ppl saying this game is nothing special. You are just trolling and hating. Its the little things its doing that is making it innovative and evolving gameplay. Things like this make it different...

The main protagonist Joel is said to have his own hit detection, and if he gets shot in the left arm you would see him hold his injured arm with his right hand. It will also lead to blood loss and the screen would turn red.

To fix it, you need to remove the bullet out of the wound, disinfect it with alcohol or antiseptic and bind the wound."
Sizzon  +   1067d ago
i want this game naow!
plaZeHD  +   1067d ago
Fuck it's fake

Related video
HorrorGod  +   1067d ago
Yup. Confirmed by a Naughty Dog dev, via Twitter.

Related image(s)
Inception  +   1066d ago
What? seriously? all this info are fake?!
mochachino  +   1067d ago
I smell another God of War.

Last great game of the gen is a new IP that turns into a huge franchise.
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Aghashie  +   1066d ago
Dinamic hit detection? No blind fire? Scarce amo for your weapons? One bite and you are dead? Dinamic reaction to injuries? Scarce med-kits for health care? Forced to improvise in order to survive? No health bar?


Finally! A game that is worth my hype appears as a distant blip on my radar. Day one purchase for me! Still got plenty of time to platinum Ni No Kuni before TLoU hits the shelves. Great times to be a gamer, indeed. Happy gaming my friends.

Edit: Well, appears that some gameplay mechanics are fake, invented by someone just to make hits on someone's site. But still, the damage is done... still hyped for this one. Guess my best option is to wait for the game to be released and see for myself.
#20 (Edited 1066d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LKHGFDSA  +   1066d ago
edit: if the info is fake, then my comment is meaningless.
#21 (Edited 1066d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
black911  +   1066d ago
I'm definitely buying Beyond Two Souls Day One. But Should I buy this?
Aghashie  +   1066d ago
I am getting both on day one! Heavy Rain is one of my favorite games this gen. I just can't wait to play Beyond. Though, I must say that Kara tech demo (look for it on YouTube) was really interesting. I was hoping the next game to be based on that demo. Still the studio didn't disappointed me with Beyond.

Dammit... so many good games coming and so little time to play them. Some times growing up is no fun at all.

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