Nintendoom! Early 2013 Edition


Odds are, you’ve heard it all before, intrepid reader.

Whether it was back in the days of Sega being a vital rival, or to the days of Sega going bust in hardware, you’ve probably heard the sentiment expressed that Nintendo may, in effect, go Sega on us...

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GreenRanger1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Saying Nintendo is going to go software-only is like saying that it's going to be sunny in Ireland tomorrow.
The only time we see the sun in Ireland is when we Google it.

kirbyu1981d ago

This REALLY doesn't need to be in the Wii U section. What person who looks at that section wants to hear this?

TongkatAli1981d ago

Nintendo being doomed is slim to none.

DivineAssault 1981d ago

They wont die out but i think they should go software only.. Many people only buy their systems for 1st party games so it would make the most sense for them.. The company is not doomed but wii u might be.. They usually launch home consoles every 5 yrs or so right? Well, if sony plans to support PS3 until 2015, wii u will be on its 3rd yr by then. Another yr & theyll be showing their nx console.. Another yr & that console launches..

I doubt wii u will be capable of running nx gen multiplat games so itl receive SOME of what PS3 still gets for the nx couple yrs.. Will people go & pay $300 for a home console like that or just pay a bit more for a nx gen machine? we will see soon enough but i think its going to be a repeat of what happened with gamecube..

mcstorm1981d ago

Nintendo will be fine. The WiiU is a good console. Yes it has not got the power the PS4 has and looks like the next Xbox will also have more power but since when has Power been the selling point of a console?

For me Microsoft and Sony offer very similar experiences in what there consoles offer. There best selling games are 3rd party games to with the exception of GT and Halo.

Nintendo offer something different to the other two and its there 1st party games that sell the most from Pokémon, Mario 2d/3d, Mario Kart, Zelda and more.

All this doom and gloom around Nintendo is not true. The 3DS is selling well and the sales for the WiiU has been good in its 1st few months with selling over 3 million. Sales have slowed down but it has not seen any big name games come out for it. Lego City is out soon followed by pikmin so this should bump the sales up of the console.

Just like I said with the PSV once the games come out for it the sales will pick up and sales tend to pickup for consoles around 18 months into its life.

I think we will have a better picture of how well the WiiU is doing come this time next year.

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