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Has Sony Broken Too Many Promises in the Past?


The next generation of gaming is underway and Sony has gotten the ball rolling last month with the PS4 pre-veal. Much of the social aspects were to be expected but many of the other new features can really only be taken with a grain of salt. I say this only because we’ve been here time and time again with Sony. They announce something that you get excited for but then the feature never materializes. On top of that, maybe the feature is there and then one day that feature is removed never to be seen again. Not Cool! The following are just a few things Sony promised but never delivered and or took way for various reasons. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

PSVita  +   987d ago
The article list 4 stretched complaints that have happened over the past 4 generation.....
k2d  +   987d ago
Short answer - it all depends.

Have they made too many GRAVE mistakes?

For 95-99 % of consumers - NO.

And its obvious they're trying to listen to others this time around, namely developers. So GAMERS wins.
DragonKnight  +   987d ago
Short answer: Yes with an "if"

Long answer: Nooo, with a "but"

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mandf  +   987d ago
Waaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa. Journalists need to start enjoying what they have and stop focusing on the negative all the time.
Athonline  +   987d ago
Actually you can't even call this "journalism"... Journalism is "objective" and comes from facts and events, not personal experiences and opinions.
Mocat  +   987d ago
Thats why it's posted in Opinions section.
Athonline  +   987d ago

My comment is a reply to another person who called this journalism... :)
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theBAWSE  +   987d ago
Click the plus sign mark this website down

talk about scraping the barrell
Sketchy_Galore  +   987d ago
Ah question marks. Lifelong pal of the hit-hungry, lazy journalist.
Sleet  +   987d ago
No, thanks for asking.
DigitalSmoke  +   987d ago
This is ant fukery...

Anti Playstation propaganda, the site is rubish, the blogger short sighted, and the fact that its on N4G is simply wrong.
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Athonline  +   987d ago
Has Gaming-enthusiast.net tried too hard to get hits in the past? Yes. Is it still trying? Yes.

Has Gaming-enthusiast.net pointlessly capitalised every first letter of every word? Yes.

See how easy it is? ^^

PS: Get a .com domain...it isn't that much more expensive. .net domains supposed to be used by ISPs and networking companies, not lazy journalists.
talisker  +   987d ago
DVRbox forces are ranking up.
2pacalypsenow  +   987d ago
i think sony wants to fullfill these promises but just cant afford to do it
BanBrother  +   987d ago
Don't know why the disagrees, I think you are right.

The PS1 network adapter, along with the PS3 backwards compatibility, were very good in concept. Sony had no choice to abandon them as they are very risky. The backwards compatibility was awesome, but they neede to find a way to bring the price down.

And who could have used the network adapter for the PS1? Shit, I didn't even have internet until 2000, and the download was like 56kbps tops.

I don't think it is Sony lying to us like what Gearbox did with Aliens for example, it is just they can't hold onto promises at an extensive cost to themselves. If they went ahead with some of these ideas, we probably wouldn't have as many exclusives as we do today.
Y_5150  +   987d ago
Simple. Sony has a lot of money! There's very little on what they can afford buddy.
Mustang300C2012  +   987d ago

What lol? You obviously have no clue about Sony's finances. It is well known as a company Sony is struggling.


Even in the recent interview with Kaz. Do some research.

“It wasn’t actually a launch, we just talked about the console and there will be more information to come, but it keeps people guessing and that’s a good thing.”

He also said that his main priority was turning around the company’s fortunes.

“The number one thing I need to continue to push on is to really share and convey the sense of urgency to turn the company around especially the electronics business.”
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SDF Repellent  +   987d ago
Yes, Sony promised me at E3 that Genji 2’s epic battle scenes were based on famous battles which actually took place in ancient Japan and that the Giant Enemy Crab was real. :(

I looked through the history book and I can't find any reference to it.
ritsuka666  +   987d ago
Not forget 4D from Ken Kutaragi!
Lvl_up_gamer  +   987d ago
120 FPS, 2 HDMI ports, Game demo's to games that never existed, emotion engines, etc....

So many promises over the last couple generations and so many under delivering.

This is why I am still skeptical regarding the announced PS4 specs to what will be released at launch.

I am excited at the specs Sony announced and sure as heck hope those are the specs at release as they are amazing specs for a console....but I am not going to get all blinded by the hype just yet.
fsfsxii  +   987d ago
What happened to the 4 player Kinect??
indysurfn  +   987d ago
What about the Daul 1080P the PS3 was SUPPOSE to have. What about the 1080p at 60 frames a second in MOST games for PS3? What about the 66 Million Polygons the PS2 was suppose to be able to do? What about the FFVII CG graphics the PS2 was suppose to be able to do? What about the CG level PS3 graphics. What about the 8 CPU's not Spu's the PS3 was Suppose to have. What about one man developers being able to make quality games on the PS3? What about the string of 15 games that was suppose to each be the the saving game of the PS3 for the first 4 years!!! A new one that failed every few months. What about being able to play without lag for free for the first few years only to right now I don't even try anymore (have not tried for a half year because every time I do it SUCKS!
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Imalwaysright  +   987d ago
Fanboys in general don't care about false advertising. They are okay wih multi billion dollar companies lying to them in order to get their money. They have no sense of honor and self esteem. No wonder this industry is going down the drain and multibillion companies think that they can get away with anything. Watch as stupid fanboys defend this crap even though they've been ripped off and lied to.
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   987d ago
lets see..

free online, PS+, chat, videochat, trophies,
new IP's every year (which can not be said for
other 2 companies), most exclusives, exclusives
that are not only shooters, good wireless
joystick, 3 big games in 2013 (GOW, Last Of Us,
Beyond) and more will be announced for PS3
(no games for Wii or X360), HD games, beautiful games like Journey, GOW, Uncharted, Killzone...

I would say that's a big step from PS2.
idiots complain. Linux was removed because hacker. so fucking blame them.
BC ? just keep the PS2. is it so hard -__-
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   987d ago
have you ever played PS3 ?
because you don't sound like you have one. if you did, you WOULD know how good GOW,Wipeout,Killzone or Uncharted look like. you would know that at least Sony has 15 or more games. tell me, what new IP's has Microsoft made in last 7 years ?!

lag ? I play Battlefield BC2 from march 2010 to this day, and I have no lag. I didn't have lag in Warhawk or Red Faction or Killzone or Resistance...
cleverusername  +   987d ago
Tune in tomorrow for 'Has Microsoft broken too many promises in the past'!
badkolo  +   987d ago
microsoft has cleverusername, but indy is correct and sony made many more promises that they didnt keep when it came to the ps3 but the truth is so did ms so no reason to single out sony, lets hope they both learned not to over promise and under deliver this time around.
StrongMan  +   987d ago
Exactly. Where are those four player Kinect games that Microsoft promised? And what about scanning your skateboard and other objects and using them in game with the Kinect that Microsoft promised as well? Where's Milo? Microsoft also promised us that the Xbox 360 didn't have any issues at launch.
Jek_Porkins  +   987d ago
I forgot the part where this article had anything to do with Microsoft....
RememberThe357  +   987d ago
Sure, if it makes you guys finally shut up about this. Your not in a relationship with Sony, it's not that dramatic.
THC CELL  +   987d ago
Nope gamers have expected way too much
Silly gameAr  +   987d ago
I'm just here for the over the top comments from people that feel like Sony wrecked their lives and they'll never forgive them for it. There's a few, but I'm a bit disappointed that there's not more.

I think I'll blog about it.
Imalwaysright  +   987d ago
Wrecked my life? No, but my hobbie? Definetely. Little by little these companies have been destroying my favorite hobbie with their anti-consumer and underhanded business practices. I'm 26 years old, I have been gaming for over 20 years and this has been by far the worst generation in pretty much every aspect and come next gen I dont see things improving when useless fanboys defend all the crap I've been witnessing this entire gen.
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Silly gameAr  +   987d ago
It's not the useless fanboys that are wreaking your hobby, but your high expectations and self-entitlement. If you enjoy this hobby as much as you say you do, then you would enjoy the games and not the shallow s*** that people just love to bring up in articles like this.

I doubt fanboys have much of an influence in what these companies do anyway. I think useless fanboys are a personal problem for you, because someone has a different opinion from yours.

Besides, Sony seems to be one of the only companies that are still focused on gaming, and as a gamer that takes his hobby seriously, I would think that would be the most important thing for you to focus on.
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Imalwaysright  +   987d ago
1st EVERYONE has influence in what these companies do and useless fanboys are no different. Because they actually defend this crap, they are the worst offenders.

2nd Yes shame on me and my self entitlement for wanting my hobbie to be better. I personally think my hobbie without false advertisement would be better but again, shame on me.

3rd No these underhanded business practices are not opinions, they are FACTS. If Sony or any other company promisses you the world and they end up giving you dirt then it is a FACT that they were lying to YOU. No other way around that. Opinions won't change that.

4th Enjoy all the abusing these companies have done to you with a smile in your face but do not expect me to do the same. I'll have a smile on my face the day gamers that enjoy gaming force a crash on this Industry.
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WitWolfy  +   987d ago
I hate the people on this site... I remember back in 2008 people couldn't stop complaining of not having BC on their PS3's.. That PSN actually tried to release most of them digitally on the PS3 just to keep the masses happy!!

Now FF to today, no one acts like they never bitched to begin with EVER, and only dweebs wanted that feature... Just like they didn't bitch when SONY never gave them IGCC, even though they SAID it was possible, just not implemented yet... Then later in 2011 admitted the system couldn't do it.

Always amazes me that the users on N4G think their the Majority gamers on thew web... Bravo... BRAVO!!!
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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   987d ago
Defense force, ASSEMBLE!! Oh, you're already here. Hehehe.
landog  +   987d ago
ms is just as guilty of these things, and it is wrong

putting 1080p on the backs games that are sub-hd native res, like call of duty at 600p

alan wake at 576p

halo 3 at 640p

resistance 3 at 940x720

showing fake screenshots for games, using pc code with uber high resolutioons and anti alaiasing then you get the game home and it looks like trash, covered in jaggies and low res textures

yet people fall for it over and over again

there's people who truthfully think that the last of us will look like this in game;


lol...come on, really.....really???

i'm totally saving that pic for the launch day of last of us, and when i rent it, i'll take pics of in game and that BULLSHOT and post it...lol

also, game companies, not so much ms and sony, but devs and pubs promising the world in interviews is totally common, then the game ships, it barely runs at 20-25 frames per second, the multiplayer lags like crap and the single player is 5 hours long.....this si a problem on both ms and sony consoles
MysticStrummer  +   987d ago
Yeah it's amazing how many people think 360 games are all 1080p.
Eyeco  +   987d ago
The 1st point is hardly irrelevant especially seeing as he has no sources/ links to back it up, and even if it did exist It wouldn't have been that relevant for gaming at the time

2nd The number 1 thing that people b!tched about on the PS3 early in its release was it's pricing son Sony made a very logical decision which is based on the facts that..

The PS2 was still selling like hotcakes, the PS2 was still being supported and would be for years to come, they wanted people to buy a PS3 for PS3 games, most people rarely if ever use BC on their consoles anyway, people wanted a CHEAPER PS3, so based on that it made sense to remove it.

But then people still b!tched, even when Sony does things right they still get hate, If they weren't supporting the PS2 by the time of the PS3 I would have understood, but that wasn't the case.

3rd LOL at Linux again a feature that the vast majority of PS3 never used or even heard about, and the ones that did rarely if ever used it, that and it would have been a breach of security so again it made logical sense to remove it.

4th..wait till E3
Malice-Flare  +   987d ago
heh, BC wasn't worth $599 then, why would Sony think it would be worth the adding to PS4 now...

if people really wanted Sony to continue the BC option they would've bought the $599 PS3 at launch. but, no, people wanted the cheaper console so 360 got the win and the 360 wasn't BC at launch...
Summons75  +   987d ago
360 had a good handful of games backward compatible at launch and they also updated and added more and more to that list for no addition cost. People didn't buy the 600$ system because it was too expensive. They put so much stuff, some of it new and untested like blu-ray (which was super expensive then) and the cell (which wasn't tested) but most ps3 fanboys think the 600 price tag was all because of the bc which is complete bull sh**. Adding bc doesn't cost much, sure maybe a little bit but not over 100. We were also in a really bad recession at that point too so people even financially stable people couldn't justify the purchase because at one point we nearly went back into a depression. We're still in a recession now and it's pretty bad but not as bad as 2006.
Ron_Danger  +   987d ago
Don't forget though that Microsoft made you pay $100 extra for a wifi adapter and $150 extra for the HD DVD drive. You had to buy batteries for the controllers and then $50 for Live.

My roommate payed more for his 360 than I did for my PS3 at launch.
Mustang300C2012  +   987d ago
They didn't make anyone pay for anything. Can't believe in this day and age people still make comments like this. How does someone make you pay for optional entertainment and features. If you want to play online you pay Live. It is a CHOICE just like it was a choice to buy a PS3 at 599 or buying a launch game at 60. Grow up people.
Malice-Flare  +   987d ago
you just proved my point. if people cared for BC more than the price, the PS3 @ $599 should have sold more than it did. just like people didn't care that the 360 had select/partial BC, it sold because it was cheaper...
Magnus  +   987d ago
Im quite happy with my PS3 and what it can do. I think Sony has done good with the console. Selling HD remakes of old titles I like simple fact the game looks better and some of these titles are rare and expensive to find. B/C I don't care about I still play my PS2 and my PS1 and if PS4 doesn't have B/C I don't care I'll still be playing my PS3.
dangerousjo44  +   987d ago
nobody care about shit from 06 ps4 well do just fine and im a xbox guy
MilkMan  +   987d ago
Haven't read the article but I will answer the title. The answer is HELL YES! (but I'm still getting the PS4)
Jek_Porkins  +   987d ago
I think gamer's have a short memory overall, which explains why the RROD didn't really hamper Microsoft this generation, why people flocked to Nintendo after the Gamecube mess and why people still game online on PSN after the hack and breach in security. Sure there are other things here and there from all three companies, but if the price is right, the innovation is there and the games are there, people will buy into it.
Hicken  +   986d ago
None of those situations qualify as "broken promises," first and foremost.

Secondly, they're all very different situations with very different causes and very different resolutions; none of it involves "short memory," either.

Finally, you oversimplify the reason why people would overlook each of those situations, implying that everyone looked past the events for the reasons you give, and no others.
Clarence  +   987d ago
Another article to try and scare of potential buyers from purchasing the PS4.
#25 (Edited 987d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
lovegames718  +   987d ago
Why would ppl stop gaming on ps3 because of the hack. Any company thats aimed for can get hacked, even major governemt offices have been hacked its just how life goes. Had it been a lack of security on Sonys part i would have been mad but it wasnt event that.

Now the RROD fiasco is a totally different beast and is the main reason i never bought an xbox early on. Microsoft knowingly sold faulty hardware and screwed thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of ppl over once their system RROD shortly after the one year warranty and Micro didn't give them a new system. This company ppl back up so much are the same company that sold you crap; made sure they put a short warranty becausse they knew what would happen and didnt extend it until major litigation was started. Furthermore in court preceding it was divulged that they were aware of the issues witht he Xbox. Thats like

On this issue at hand yes there have been some things Sony didnt follow through with and mainly for me it was the remote play capability with the Vita. I mean we have a few games we can remote play but nowhere near the way they talked about it and it isnt for lack of power because plenty of hackers remote play games like BF3 and killzone.

Either which way Sony also came through when it counted so im definitely on board with the Ps4.
ziggurcat  +   987d ago
"Has Sony Broken Too Many Promises in the Past?"

no. now go away.

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