Has Sony Broken Too Many Promises in the Past?


The next generation of gaming is underway and Sony has gotten the ball rolling last month with the PS4 pre-veal. Much of the social aspects were to be expected but many of the other new features can really only be taken with a grain of salt. I say this only because we’ve been here time and time again with Sony. They announce something that you get excited for but then the feature never materializes. On top of that, maybe the feature is there and then one day that feature is removed never to be seen again. Not Cool! The following are just a few things Sony promised but never delivered and or took way for various reasons.

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PSVita1864d ago

The article list 4 stretched complaints that have happened over the past 4 generation.....

k2d1864d ago

Short answer - it all depends.

Have they made too many GRAVE mistakes?

For 95-99 % of consumers - NO.

And its obvious they're trying to listen to others this time around, namely developers. So GAMERS wins.

DragonKnight1864d ago

Short answer: Yes with an "if"

Long answer: Nooo, with a "but"

mandf1864d ago

Waaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa. Journalists need to start enjoying what they have and stop focusing on the negative all the time.

Athonline1864d ago

Actually you can't even call this "journalism"... Journalism is "objective" and comes from facts and events, not personal experiences and opinions.

Mocat1864d ago

Thats why it's posted in Opinions section.

Athonline1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )


My comment is a reply to another person who called this journalism... :)

theBAWSE1864d ago

Click the plus sign mark this website down

talk about scraping the barrell

Sketchy_Galore1864d ago

Ah question marks. Lifelong pal of the hit-hungry, lazy journalist.

Sleet1864d ago

No, thanks for asking.

DigitalSmoke1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

This is ant fukery...

Anti Playstation propaganda, the site is rubish, the blogger short sighted, and the fact that its on N4G is simply wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.