God of War: Ascension Review (GB)

"God of War 3 had one of the best openings ever in the history of videogames. The game threw so many titans at you in a short period that it led to another titan standing still inside your pants."

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Heavenly King1982d ago

The fight against hecaton is like if you were fighting Cronos at the beginning of the game, so I really dont get all this nonsense.

Everyone on one hand rates a game of series, as just an action game and not part of a franchise (cough DMC cough), and in the other hand they rate this game as part of the franchise and compare it a lot with GOW3, saying that it is not as epic, but neglect that the game is very epic, and that every other aspect in this game is better than in GOW3. The combat is better the pacing is better, the multiplayer is a lot of fun. In general the game is more polished than GOW3. It is like if the reviewers are depressed or something because of the trials of archimedes, that they had to take some kind of vengeance because they felt stupid while playing that part.

I really don't know what the hell reviewers are playing!

Ezz20131982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

i agree with you
and while i don't agree with them on some points

pretty much every other review and who played the game agree on what they said about GOWA GFX in this review

gamingbolt review: "the graphics it offer here is simply a sight to behold"

yeah my jaw dropped while playing this epic game
this game tops uncharted 3/killzone 3/god of war 3 when it come to GFX on consoles

lovegames7181982d ago

Loving this game so far!!!!! Graphics make my screen melt lol. The mp is addictive as hell (im already level 15 and i would be higher if i didnt work so much). Its all out war and mayhem and i love it. To be honest if i was a reviewer i would have rated it higher due to the great mp and the best yet the servers have been running flawless for me (this day in age it is rare for servers to run flawless day one)

The problem with some reviewers are that they feed into the talk from other bias sites and it changes how they review things. I bet most these sites downplaying GOW4 will give another sequel that adds nothing at all and is the same gameplay higher scores, praising it saying "True to its other sequels it sticks to the same formula which works so well" lol smh

Silly gameAr1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I'm just not seeing how anyone can score this game under an 8. What I've played so far is awesome.