Xi3 responds to Gabe Newell over 'Steam Box'

IN a press-release sent out from the Xi3 Corporation earlier today, a few statements may be of interest to both Valve and Valve fan’s regarding the “Xi3 PISTON Console” and the Xi3 corporation’s relationship with Valve Software.

After the Xi3 Piston was announced, it was reported that Valve stated it was not working on any current projects with the Piston creator Xi3. According to the website Eurogamer, Doug Lombardi from Valve stated that Valve only, “began some exploratory work with Xi3 last year, but currently has no involvement in any product of theirs.”

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Godmars2901900d ago

So Valve isn't endorsing what is an expensive knock-off?

Kind of odd that Xi3 would do such in the first place.

Farsendor11900d ago

Mostly known in most articles about this console/pc hybrid.LotS of pc gamers said this isn't a steam box in the comments.

Spoon_1900d ago

Some people are so slow

kevnb1900d ago

knock off of what? its a compact pc like companies have been making already.

Godmars2901900d ago

That's trying to glom onto the Steambox name.

It shouldn't take too much for a regular PC to emulate the Steambox - nothing in fact - but Xi3 has especially gone out of its way to say that they made one which does so they can sell it.

ninjahunter1900d ago

Xi3 Converts your money into a paperweight. XD

talisker1900d ago

Of course, who would want a $1000 console?

Qrphe1900d ago

“For example, the assumption of many in the media has been that PISTON is the ‘official’ Steam Box."

This annoys me. A bit of reading would have helped those out there thinking this was the Steam Box. Since the day this was announced we knew it wasn't Valve's hardware.

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