The New Tomb Raider Saved This Teenager’s Life

"The first time Draven Miltenberger played Tomb Raider was in 1999. He was three years old. His home life might have been tumultuous thanks to how often he moved, but that was his constant: Tomb Raider.

"My family couldn't pry it out of my hands," he wrote in a blog post that described his love for the game. After reading it, I decided to reach out to him. "It hooked me instantly," Miltenberger, now seventeen, told me in an email.

The abuse started a few years after he first found Lara Croft. First, it was with his dad. Then his dad left for the National Guard, but that didn't matter. His stepmother continued the abuse. "She was more vicious I think," Miltenberger told me in an email. Eventually she'd take him to a runaway shelter. He was still a kid." - Patricia Hernandez

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jc485731928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

i do believe games can save people or at least help them.

"what's wrong son?"

"me sad."

"well, pick a game."

They're better than movies when you have the freedom to "guide" the character as if you were guiding yourself.

Irishguy951928d ago

Games are my favorite medium...because they add everything great about the entertainment industry into one. Imo

hellvaguy1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I guess escaping to a virtual world is one way to deal with abuse issues. Seems to me this method is more like putting on a band-aid to cover up a festering, infected wound to me. Also I have to wonder if the chosen game to escape reality happened to be GTA. What words of wisdom from this game would this teenager have been listening to then?

I would hope that the better way would have been to go a teacher and report the abuse. They do have people in place to remove abused kids and punish adults who are guilty of doing that.

DeltaCanuckian1927d ago

I think the point of the article isn't that he used Tomb Raider as an escape when he was being abused, more so that it's motivated him to get his life on track. Games do offer that escape for people dealing with shit who feel they have no other options, I know they helped me when I was bullied through elementary and middle school.

It's not a silver bullet, but it's definitely something that helps so don't discount it because of that.

OhMyGandhi1928d ago

Games certainly offer escapism for those in dire straights, but I must agree with hellvaguy, it will not help SOLVE the issue, but rather keep it to a simmer in the short term.

AusRogo1928d ago

I never had a bad home life, but gaming has helped me a lot. Everyone needs something to keep there mind off shit. And gaming is my escape

Draco1928d ago

"He was three years old." Sure.

Valenka1928d ago

I played the original Tomb Raider when I was four years old. I didn't understand what was going on at all and all I really did was jump around and shoot at nothing, but I still played it. The article didn't say he was a master at the game at three years old or that he grasped the game's concept.

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