Game Marketing Changes Goes the Way of Movies, and It's Unfortunate

Virtual Katz Reports: In a publication released to all gaming companies today, the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) outlined a number of changes to the way that games are presented to the general public and in many ways it’s unfortunate. When it comes to presenting trailers for games, it tends to be a different animal than movies, but in the eyes of the ESRB that’s simply not the case and being disregarded in allowing more Mature content to be viewed by those that the information and trailer may not be as suitable for. This decision may open Pandora’s Box with consumers, or at least parents that depend on things like gates (entering a birthday before viewing mature content), and in many ways should. The issues that surround these changes enable gaming companies to squeak by, but with the general public not understanding some of the content released it is not as easy as a movie to avoid for parents.

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