Developers, Not Gamers, Suffering From Generation Fatigue

Some designers such as Crytek will blame lower-than-anticipated review scores on gamer fatigue. But in truth, it feels more like the developers are tired.

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Th4Freak1869d ago

So just because Crysis 3 has the best graphics out there we have to run and buy it? No sir, that's not how it works.

Godmars2901869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Spoken as an actual individual. My hat would be off to you sir - if I wore one.

Also, it more like Devs didn't try or could understand the hardware. With the former certainly true of Crytek as they pushed their multiplatform engine, which really only works on one platform - the one they started on: the PC.

pangitkqb1869d ago

I'm a gamer, not a developer, and I am absolutely fatigued with the current gen. I have loved the last seven years - some of my favorite titles ever released this gen - but that doesn't prevent me from being eager for new horizons and experiences.

ShugaCane1869d ago

In my opinion, your article would be more relevant if it didn't focus only on three or four developers out of *insert-huge-number-here*.

green1869d ago

Way over 7 years that I have been in this gen and I am already tired. After Mass Effect 3, I was basically done. Looking forward to seeing what new gaming experiences that next gen will bring.