PSXE God of War: Ascension Review: Kratos Rips 'Em Up Again

The new God of War is all sorts of bloody fun, as one might expect. It's full of awesome combat but the spirit of the franchise somehow seems compromised.

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Ezio20481835d ago

psxe says that god of war ascension graphics are not as impressive as god of war III.....idiots.....according to general opinion of reviewers....ascension has the best graphics of this generation...

Ezz20131835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

say consoles don't want to make pc fans angry

but yeah all the reviews so far agree on that being the best looking game on consoles
i thought it was hard to top gow3 gfx but SSM amaze me yet again

fathoms1835d ago

Considering that it very clearly praises the graphics incredibly highly, and only says the inspiration and general design isn't as impressive as before (which is purely subjective), maybe the only "idiot" around here is the person who passes judgment without actually being able to read.