The Throwdown #29


•Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow - Mirror Of Fate
•Mass Effect 3 “Citadel” Impressions
•Wu Dang
•The Perfect Ending

Articles, videos & shit

•Manny’s Illustrated game and movie covers editorial
•Tony’s Comic Books editorial

Featured topic

•Next Gen speculation

Other Stuff

•The Sim City fiasco
•“Bros vs Hos” trophy controversy
•College student invents real life medi-gel
•Evil Dead remake thoughts

Listener questions

•Does the Vita price drop in Sony stores mean that eventually Vitas will cost $200 everywhere?
•What are some must haves for you to enjoy a game?
•Who is your favorite 3rd party publisher?
•What are your favorite HD collections?
•Why isn’t Microsoft advertising Gears Of War: Judgement more?
•Will we see Last Of Us commercials shown before big summer movies?
•What are your thoughts on TGS adding an English channel for western audiences?

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