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Digitally Downloaded writes: "Being completely frank; I did not enjoy this game, but I’ll go easy on it because I can see its merits for the people that invariably will."

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IK IR Y IP T1834d ago

I agree already beat it going to trade it in today ! wish they wouldn't have released this game and pushed it back and made it a better game for the ps4 launch this ip needs innovation the opening battle is intense but the game continues to die from there but always looks fantastic !

NiteX1834d ago

Why would you pay $60 for something and then return it so soon? Why not try the MP?

InTheLab1834d ago

Can't argue with this one. While I don't mind the non-stop action, some of the set pieces rely heavily on the same the sliding. Maybe I'm more sensitive to it because how prevalent sliding is in Tomb Raider (just finished it), but that's just one example.

The game is still fun but it is lacking in a few areas. Some of it's parts blow GoW3 away but a lot of it does not.

Yodagamer1834d ago

Not Really, it's on par with what most reviewers are giving it with the 1-5 scales.

Kran1834d ago

And this is what's really wrong with gaming everybody.

Apparently 7 is harsh. Scores like 3 or 4 aren't.

That must mean 8 is mediocre, 9 is alright and 10 is pretty good.

Bathyj1834d ago

While i see his point, I cant agree with it. (In theory that is, Ive only played the demo.)

It sounds like the guy was hoping for an adventure game, (which is actually a pretty good idea for a GoW reboot on PS4).

But GoW as it stands now is not an adventure game, its an action game, so I have no problem with the game being basically killporn and funneling you towards the next slaughter. We know what to expect from a GoW game going in.

In an action game thats all about combat, grand scope and spectacle I dont want to be wondering around needlessly looking for magic keys to open doorways. I wanna kill something dammit. I want action thick and fast, I dont want to go to taverns and get fetch quests off NPC's.

Like I said, an adventure or even an RPG could be great in the GoW universe if done right, but this isnt it, and it isnt trying to be, so no one should be disappointed that its not.

mayberry1834d ago

I am only on level 5 and am very impressed ! Brutal kills, awesome sets, very well thought out boss's, awesome sound, great story too. Kratos is BOSS! imho

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