Tomb Raider Review: Croft’s Comeback Tries to Steal the Genre Back from Drake’s Dynasty | MS

MediaStinger: "Crystal Dynamics has once again brought back the video game industry’s most popular heroine in an effort to reboot the iconic series and help Lara Croft climb back up to the top of the genre that she helped build. But the new Lara is no longer about sexy outfits and unrealistic aerial maneuvers all while dual-wielding pistols John Woo-style; instead, she is a beat-up (but never broken), strong female protagonist who gives Nathan Drake a run for his fortune.

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panbit861864d ago

Drake: "Bitch please..."

x5exotic1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Lara: Oh I didn't try, I succeeded.

panbit861864d ago

Drake: Cutey, i've "raided" your "tomb" multiple times in every conceivable way... you may take a seat.

x5exotic1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Come back when Drake kills a T-rex, 2 centaurs, an atlantis God-King, a giant octopus, an abomination, and other creatures, uses THOR's hammer and actually survive tombs half as deadly as the ones in TR, be the female (or male in his case) equivalent of Bruce Wayne.

colonel1791864d ago

Tomb Raider is definitely better than Uncharted. I am guessing Uncharted 4 will be much more improved, which will lead to Tomb Raider 2 be much more improved too.

I really enjoyed Tomb Raider more than Uncharted, at least gameplay wise. The controls feel perfect and the pacing was on the spot. Uncharted had some frustrating moments, specially with the gunplay, something that Tomb Raider doesn't have at all, even playing on hard.

pr0t0typeknuckles1864d ago

dont forget how it actually feel like an adventure game due to the semi-open world aspect,unlike uncharted which is very linear and only has one path,i mean i love uncharted ive played every game,heck i own every uncharted but this new tomb raider, it dropped bombs on uncharted.

im ready for my disagrees fanboys.

Ezz20131864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

yeah because any one disagree with you is a fanboy
uncharted 1/2/3 are much better games when it come to gfx and story
than TR even the reviews agree
even from this review :
"While it’s not perfect like Uncharted,it’s close"

as for gameplay the new TR gameplay is almost the same as uncharted
and don't give me this "bu buut TR come out first"
name one thing uncharted took from old TR games then

but hey ps3 get the best version of TR on consoles along with uncharted games

so it's a win/win for ps3 owners :)

Edit: yeah i knew my comment would get some ppl here angry ... ;)

Thatguy-3101864d ago

Yea ones it collects over 200 GOTY awards then come back and argue. Gameplay wise yea it does beat uncharted but when it comes to narrative and story telling drake sh*ts on lara. This game only showed how it can make every move lara makes an over the top cinematic sequence. Characters were one sided, voice acting was mediocre, writing wasn't all that great and graphics were ok for it being semi open world. I honestly love Uncharted for being linear because that way I stay focus to the story and the interaction between characters. This installment is good and hopefully drake does take some gameplay elements away from it. But no way is drake taking the back seat. Laughable I tell you.

colonel1791864d ago

Yeah, I agree that Uncharted has better characters and story, but don't forget that this is the first game. Uncharted only introduced us to the characters, while Uncharted 2 developed them very nicely (and Uncharted 3 just sucked, story and character wise).

Tomb Raider can only improve, and unless they do an Uncharted 3, and fill everything with plot holes and forget important characters (Chloe), and introduce others (villains, charlie), Tomb Raider will only get better.

Uncharted 2 was a perfect example of great story telling, character development and pacing in a game. Tomb Raider had the pacing, the gameplay, and only Lara as a good character. I am sure that since it sold very well, Square Enix will rise their budget for the next one, and so it will be a great game for sure.

LessThan2Tflops1864d ago


But you ARE a ps fanboy, ever look at your own comment history? When I see your name I already know what you'll say, every ps3 exclusive is great, and of course you're bashing tomb raider.

I looked at your psn profile under ezz2013, you barely even play any games, only 8 games on ps3?

Ezz20131864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )


yeah you also should look at your own comment history
you are an insecure xbox fanboy
who hate any thing made by sony

at least i back up what i say and i own every single console plus a very powerfull gaming pc
not a sad person like you ..who because don't own ps3 and only attack it all the time since you joined with your alt account in 02 feb 2013
how do you know me this well and call me a fanboy because i disagree with you ?!
and this is my new console .. i sold my 5 years old ps3 that got YLOD on me and got this new one that's why i only have 8 games with this one
and i didn't v-sync the trophis of alot of games i have played yet on my profile

lol just looking at the disagrees i get show how much this site is over run by ps3 fanboys like you guys say /s

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Myze1864d ago

I don't think it's better than Uncharted (about on par with the first, not as good as 2 or 3), however I would agree that it's the best game of 2013 so far. Of course, it's only March.

Still, pleasant surprise that the game ended up being so much fun. Didn't expect to like Lara as a character so much, since I never really did in the past (liked the games, but nothing special about her). They really did a good job with her as a character, and they made me want more games with her in the future.

MysticStrummer1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Very few reviews are claiming TR is better than UC, so to say it's definitely better is a bit of a stretch. The old, original TRs were better than UC in several ways imho, but this game copies UC more than it copies it's own origins, which makes it much less interesting to me. Regenerating health, lack of puzzles, and lack of swimming add up to no deal for me, or at least no deal at full price, but it's all subjective.

I would bet on a site like N4G that more than a few people would claim TR was better even if they didn't really think it was. Not saying that's the case with you by the way, and I didn't press disagree on anyone.

TechnicianTed1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Uncharted copied bits and pieces from a load of games. There was nothing original about it, it just did what it did very well.

rocky0475861863d ago

I have read reviews that state it feels like a Tomb Raider game to a great extent. It really does. It has Uncharted like moments but so does Underworld and Legend as well, and Legend was before Uncharted. The feel for the platforming and better puzzles are there, and exploration is there as well. It just needs to be expanded on in the next game.

I understand why they didn't focus on puzzles because that's not the Lara Croft they were trying to portray and have us know about. We already know she's all about puzzles and exploring, we get to see those sides of her come to life throughout the gameplay culminating into the Lara Croft of today. Just notice how progressive puzzles and exploration/platforming becomes in the actual story itself towards the end, especially.

She comes into her own and the puzzles themselves start revealing outside of the optional tombs. The next game should have more puzzles and tombs to raid and platforming as well. But this game has to be a starting point for all of that.

MysticStrummer1863d ago

@Ted - I won't argue with that at all. I enjoy UC very much, but I prefer the old TRs by a mile. I wish UC was more like those games, which is why I don't like the new TR copying UC more than it's own past, which is what I've read in many reviews. Yeah I know reviews aren't everything, but hearing Lara had regen health was a huge turn off for me, especially after being excited about the "survival" aspects of the game. The swimming sections of the old TRs were also favorite moments of mine, so no swimming was a huge bummer.

@Rocky - I didn't like Underworld and Legend either. I prefer TR 1-4. Just my opinion. A lot of what I said above to Ted could be in this answer to you. I'll eventually play this TR but too much was changed for me to get excited about it like I used to be for the old ones.

SuicidalTendencies1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

The title is stupid. The original Tomb Raider's played nothing like the Uncharted games. Crystal Dynamic's went with the "If we can't beat'em, copy'em" direction with the TR reboot. Why couldn't they just make the game like the first TR? Platforming, solving puzzles, exploring. Now it's just a another shooter.

rocky0475861864d ago

They hardly stripped all of it away from the Tomb Raider game. It's still there, but like with most reboots they have to rebuild it back to what it once was one step at a time. Furthermore, I wouldn't personally want them to build it the same exact way as before, they need to continue on the track they are going when it came to the puzzles and platforming, just make them bigger and better though.

The puzzles and platforming are still there. The potential for them to be great are still there for later games. They were focused more on how she became that person and that broke through seriously towards the ending of the game where she was forced to do what she had to do when it comes to raiding tombs and climbing, two things she says she hates.

MysticStrummer1864d ago

"They hardly stripped all of it away from the Tomb Raider game. It's still there, but like with most reboots they have to rebuild it back to what it once was one step at a time."

I don't think I've read a single review that said the game was anywhere near the old TRs. Even the really good reviews agree that it's more UC than TR. Puzzles should be a huge part of any TR. That's one of the reasons I prefer the old TRs over UC. The same goes for platforming, though to a lesser extent. Regenerating health bugs me in most games, and should be a feature of Easy mode. Suddenly all gaming characters are Wolverine. Bleh.

ufo8mycat1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

I'm sure I am going to get a lot of disagrees with this due to the bias towards PS3 exclusives, but after playing Tomb Raider, it is definitely better then uncharted 2 in quite a few ways.

Platform/Climbing mechanics are better. Better/smoother animations. Not as linear as uncharted 2 which is very very simplistic.

Combat is better then Uncharted 2.

It also has a better sense of exploration compared to Uncharted 2.

Uncharted 2 still beats it in characters and story though, but Naughty Dog should definitely look at Tomb Raider in ways to improve the gameplay for uncharted 4.

Hopefully Crystal Dynamics expands on the platforming and tombs and puzzles more with Tomb Raider 2. We need more platforming and puzzles etc incorporated into Tomb Raider 2.

HeavenlySnipes1864d ago

I would be more inclined to agree with you had you chosen better points to argue. Uncharted has far better character animations then Tomb Raider (not a knock on Tomb Raider)

The combat is more fun in Tomb Raider because of the greater diversity of enemies, and yes, the exploration is a nice touch to break away from the action

I'd take Tomb Raider over Uncharted 1 and 3 but Uncharted 2 was a more fun game to me. The character interaction, story, and flow of the game (Tomb Raider was a little stale at the beginning and picked up as you went along) was more well done in U2 then Tomb Raider and Uncharted 1&3.

Concerning exploration for future Uncharted's, if the story of the game is similar to the previous Uncharted games (where its one really long adventure towards a singular goal) then I don't see how a break in action would be justified

Tomb Raider had the characters land on the island and aimlessly search for a way off. They didn't necessarily know what was going on or had a plan until midway through the game, so Lara wandering off to different parts of the island makes sense. Drake is always after one particular thing, and goes to specific places to help him get to that thing.

Exploration would suit The Last of Us though, the characters need to scavenge for supplies while they head to wherever they are heading and need safe places to reside while they do so.

Tomb Raider is up there with some of the games in the Uncharted series :D

WhatchaTalkinBout1864d ago

TR single player is a great game and everyone should try it.. but humm i think the MP needs major work. uncharted's MP is far from perfect but TR is much worst , maybe some patches and fixes will help it, but im not sure. im just not feeling the MP in this game at all , uncharted mp i did have more fun.. but for me SP is where its at in TR not the MP dud..

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