First Drakengard 3 scans

Take a look at the first scan of Drakengard 3.

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Relientk771896d ago

The Drakengard series is awesome. Cant wait to see more from this game

Andreas-Sword1896d ago

yes, the Drakengard games are very nice.
I love the Dynasty Warriors series, and I love also the Drakengard series.

Ritsujun1895d ago

DG1 and DG2 HD Collection please, SQEX.

1895d ago
AsimLeonheart1896d ago

Looks like they are maintaining the Japanese essence of the game and not westernizing it. I am glad that they decided that way. I am tired of all the westernization and the insecurity of Japanese developers. I really have craved good Japanese games this gen which are not ashamed of their Japanese heritage and do not pretend to be western.

bicfitness1896d ago

Best news of the year. Easily one of my favourite series, up there with Wild Arms.

Tapewurm1895d ago

Where is a new take on the old Panzer Dragoon Saga?!?!? of the best dragon riding/dragon combat jrpgs ever made. Hell, I even loved 1st two Saturn "On-Rails" games too....and even Orta on the xbox.....Saga needs a redo...either a HD remake or a new sequal all together or a HD Collection of all the original games.

ToZanarkand861895d ago

This is Sega you know...
No Shenmue, no Panzer Dragoon but hey... We get Sega Bass Fishing, Space Channel 5, Super Hang On and Sonic the Fighters on PSN / XBLA which... Nobody asked for.
Thanks Sega!

Tapewurm1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Man, I know! They did really good releasing HD Jet Set Radio and even Nights, but I would have liked to see all the Panzer Dragoons, Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, The "Real" Sega Rally, Daytona CCE, Burning Rangers,Virtua ON, and the Virtua Cop Series all in HD. Oh, and a Virtua Fighter like the PS2 version that included the Original Game, but in HD.. Throw in Fighting Vipers 2 in HD too. Come on SEGA!

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Lavalamp1896d ago

They managed to get Yoko Taro on board!? Take all of my hype!

Qrphe1896d ago

Exactly, they got enough people to make this game genuine.


jerethdagryphon1896d ago

SQUEE whered this come from i was just thinking of drakengard

Dagobert1896d ago

Oh shit, Square Enix is doing something right this time? I'm surprised. I just hope it gets released here because it's about time they made a 3rd Drakengard game.

TheRichterBelmont1896d ago

Great to hear. Maybe this opens things up for a NieR sequel of sorts?

FantasyStar1895d ago

What's more to do? We all know what happens. A spiritual successor but IMO what makes NIER powerful is the fact there was a story and it concluded itself very well. (granted, there's a gap in worldly lore outside of Shades and towns).

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The story is too old to be commented.