Will Nintendo be relevant in the next gen war?

The Man Cave Cinema writes, with the imminent release of next gen consoles, will Nintendo be relevant any more? Will the shear horsepower of the new xbox and PS4 make the WiiU just a mere toy?

Not getting into a fanboy flame war, but I feel sorry for Nintendo for being short sighted with their next gen hardware. Nintendo and their hardware will be irrelevant by next year!

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1985d ago

Depends wether or not it gets good 3rd party support and at the moment it doesnt look as tho its gonna have that big a lead in user base by the time the ps4 and new xbox release, can you see lets say EA release BF4 on wii-u? and the fact that games are just gonna look allot better on the new consoles.

classic2001985d ago

EA and nintendo are not friends right now, they might not even allow sports franchises on the wiiu because of the whole origin not on the wiiu situation.

I think nintendo will be nintendo and have first party games but the scary part his can they have first party games on time and deliver them constantly or will they have mini droughts taking place.

I think without the casuals going for casual games and without the third party building core games, then nintendo will have drought periods this gen.

Even sony who brings a lot of first party games would go through a lot of drought periods if there is no third party games.

jony_dols1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Nintendo have a reputation for screwing over 3rd parties at the last minute and in the past it's come back to bite them in the ass.

They did it to Sony back in the early 90's when they backed out of a deal at the 11th hour to create a console with CD support (after Sony invested millions in it).

What did Sony go and do? They flipped the bird to Ninty & turned it into the Playstation!

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stragomccloud1984d ago

Origin on Nintendo creates a major conflict of interest though. In other words be the game Activision, Ubisoft, or otherwise, EA would be taking a percentage of every game sold. Competing companies don't want EA to have a cut of their pie and neither does Nintendo.

It was really a lose lose situation for Nintendo, give EA control over Nintendo online, or get no support from EA. EA never pressured Sony or Microsoft in the same way.

BitbyDeath1984d ago


Could be wrong but i don't think EA actually wanted the origin store on the console just the EA games to have origin portals in their games. (Logins and such) like both PS3 and 360 have already allowed.

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Irishguy951985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Honestly I don't think they will be so relevant at this point. They don't have the casuals on their side this time. And the hardcore already have Ps3's and 360's which the WiiU is only just better. With the new consoles coming out by November

I will buy one...but when it's much cheaper and has more games

SlavisH21985d ago

its hard to tell with nintendo. This gen they had the weakest hardware, bad 3rd party support, lots of low reviews... and sold the most systems, DAMN!

Studio-YaMi1985d ago

That's totally true,they have really good loyal supporters,but they need to justify their fans purchases of their new console by giving them the "goods" and they surely will in a few months.

Can't wait to play Mario Kart & the new 3D-Mario game.

arbitor3651985d ago

during the holidays, the wii u will be kicked into total irrelevancy. as the PS4 and 720 "wow" audiences with their innovative graphics, games, features, and online, the wii u will be trailing behind, barely catching up to current gen, and pumping out the same milked franchises we have played a dozen times over.

nintendo messed up. they should have waited a year, beefed up the hardware, and got more third parties on board. I guess they expected the casuals to carry them to victory, but it didnt happen. too bad

mcstorm1985d ago

I have to disagree with you on some points. The 360 and PS3 Wowed audiences with their innovative graphics over the Wii but this did not stop the Wii Selling more than the other two.

Also the console market has never been about who has the most powerful console. Look at the last 3 gens best selling consoles Wii, PS2, PSX.

Also to say Nintendo miked franchises sell very well just like GT, FF, COD, Halo sell well after having 6 or more games.

To say Nintendo will not be relevant this gen is like saying the PSV will not be relevant this week because it is being walked over by the 3DS.

Nintendo have had a week line-up at the start of the WiiU gen just like the PSV and PS3 did but just like them both after the first 18 months sales will pickup and the WiiU will sell fine.

I am not saying it will be the best selling console this gen but I don't expect the PS4 or Next Xbox to be millions in the lead. I think this new gen will be a lot console come the end of the gen in terms of console sales.

I also hope that all 3 have a successful home and Handheld console in the new gens because its nice to see them all trying to out do each other and that makes a big + for us as gamers.

stragomccloud1984d ago

Wow. So you must be one of the fabled fair minded N4G users I've never heard about but once theorized must exist!

mcstorm1984d ago

@stragomccloud lol I just don't take sides and I can see the + and - sides of all consoles. Ive always said gaming should be about games not about mine is better than yours.

stragomccloud1984d ago

I agree. Taking sides is stupid.
There are good games all around.
Why do people have to bash anything?
If they do, they can really miss out on some amazing experiences.

After all...
・I can't play Uncharted anywhere else.
・I can't play Fragile Dreams(obscure Wii game) anywhere else
・I can't play Lost Odyssey anywhere else
・I can't play Starcraft anywhere else
・I can't play ZombiU anywhere else.

I could go on but I won't. It's just sad how people let fanboyism get in the way of playing some good games!

Game on!

mcstorm1984d ago

Yep that is true. This gen has seen some amazing games and the way I see it the fan boys have missed out.

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AWBrawler1984d ago

Weakest console has ALWAYS been the highest selling console. this is a fact for EVERY gen ever. so its safe to say graphics don't matter

arbitor3651984d ago

you use "weaker" very dishonestly. The NES, PS1 and PS2 were NOT an entire generation behind, like the wii u is. in fact, those consoles all carried some of the best looking games of their generations. any graphical advantages the opposing consoles had were minor at best, irrelevant at worst.

the only 2 times that a console has been released which is a full generation behind it's opponents are the wii and wii u.

before you assume the wii u is going to sell as good as the wii (despite the fact that sales so far point to the contrary), you should ask yourself why the wii sold. it was casual appeal. not simply because "it was the weakest," as if that somehow in itself sells units. the wii u does not have this appeal. and so, it is doomed to failure.

AWBrawler1983d ago

I never said annything would sell like the Wii, and Wii u is not a full gen behind. The difference between ps4 and Wii u will be like xbox 1 and PS2

Benjaminkno1985d ago

Yeah they're still pointing to sales.
80,000 for WiiU
165,000 for Ps3
223,000 for Xbox...

but they don't mention that Wii also sold 80,000, and 3ds is still selling. So Nintendo is still making more money on hardware and software.

Try Again!!

koh1985d ago

Yeah but if the WiiU can't outsell the current gen consoles, what hope do they have of outselling the next gen ones in a few months?

Benjaminkno1985d ago

Even if they don't, I'm not sure it'll matter since Nintendo will make money anyway. The same can't be said for their competitors.

mamotte1984d ago

I dont know, if Sony and MS couldn't outsell the Wii, what hope de thay have right now?

Oh. Wait. Damn.

mcstorm1984d ago

@mamotte had to give you a bubble up for that comment. made me LOL a lot and was well said.

PopRocks3591985d ago

To the media? Probably not. As long as Nintendo can keep profiteering off of software and with hardware as it cheapens with time then I think they will be financially sound. My guess is we will see Nintendo try to appeal to the western market a tad more.

Besides, it looks like Microsoft and Sony are doing something entirely different with their machines, similarly to the previous generation. I guess we'll see how things play out.

Studio-YaMi1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

When their big guns arrive,then things will clear up,I'm guessing they will see a huge rise in console sales later this year.

Still though,for what it is right now,the Wii U is not appealing & isn't worth the purchase at all & is still collecting dust on my table(I have a sheet over it so it's ok lol!) waiting for the awesome games.

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