8 Gaming Franchises that Need to Die

The Koalition writes: "There are thousands of game developers in the world and even more games that have been developed, especially for this console generation alone. With so many ideas and talent, you'd think it would be fairly easy to come across new and successful IPs and franchises on a fairly consistent basis - but that simply is not the case.

Not only are several gaming franchises releasing on yearly schedule now (and I don't just mean sports games either) but many of them are uninspired and don't seem to offer anything new or innovative to the industry any longer."

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ElectroJade1988d ago

Why the hell is Sonic in that list? We need more of that hedgehog around town.

classic2001988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I am going to be hated for this but all nintendo franchises need to die if you put 2d mario alone on the list lol. Bring back eternal darkness

halo needs to die and gears from microsoft.

God of war and killzone.

I need 1 more uncharted and then it should die.

For next gen I realize I am looking out more for new Ips.

Human element
Respawn new game
Guerilla games new Ip
Santa monica new IP
Soul suspect from square
Deep down from capcom

WiiUsauce1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

YOU DON'T NEED TO BUY THOSE GAMES, SO WHY DO YOU CARE IF THEY EXIST? I didn't buy God of War 3, so jumping in to Ascension after God of War Ghost of Sparta on PSP being the last God of War game I played will be awesome.

I didn't buy Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, Black or White, so when I jumped into Pokemon Black 2 after not playing a Pokemon game since Pokemon Ruby, it was AMAZING.

I also didn't buy NSMB Wii or NSMB2, so playing NSMBU after NSMBDS being the last one I played since like 2007, it was a breath of fresh air.

You're not being forced to buy these games, so why do you guys care? I have never bought a Call of Duty game, but I bought Black Ops II, because it had robots and it's set in the future, and I had fun with it.

I didn't buy a Halo game until Halo Reach, and that shit was fun as fuck, and I bought Halo 4, and I'm buying Halo 5 day one.

I don't see the problem with too many sequels. The only problem I have is when people buy every single Call of Duty game that comes out every year, and then they buy NOTHING else. They buy Call of Duty like it was the only game ever made and neglect the awesome games that deserve much attention like Xenoblade Chronicles, Ni No Kuni, Bayonetta, Vanquish, Yakuza, Rayman Legends, Darksiders, Nier, Blue Dragon ect.

I buy sequels, but I also support new IP's.

corrus1987d ago

I am agreed with you especially for Mario but look if Mario die will die and stupid Nintendo cos their company live cos of Mario they are too stupid

Omni-Tool1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I believe any series that has more than a trilogy needs to die.

It seems like the developers can't come up with original ideas at all as long as the sequels keep selling. New IPs are a financial risk so backers will not dump money into new IPs.


That's the problem. Majority of gamers go out and buy every single sequel to a series which makes that developer money so the backers support that series further to make more money because they know majority of the players will buy them like mindless zombies.

I think we both agree that this is what is happening which ends up in a downward spiral of poorly rehashed games and companies copying competitors to "cash in" on the current fad.

I have an idea for a game. You are a new CEO to a game developer and you are giving a list of genres compared to profits with FPS and TPS at the top of the list. To beat the game, you have to make the most amount of cash within a 5 year span. I would call it "Call of Devs: Cash Crops".

Zuperman1987d ago

These games just need a break.. that's all.

1987d ago
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pr0t0typeknuckles1988d ago

i agree,especially since sonic is actually fun again, i mean im anticipating to see whats announced next for sonic and its been a while since ive had those feelings.

showtimefolks1988d ago

here is the problem when new Ip's are released many times they don't sell but when a known franchise gets a sequel or a reboot it gets hyped up and it sells.

publishers invest millions of dollars introducing new Ip's like AC,COD etc, but when these become established with a fanbase we want the publishers to give up and start something new, Its easy for us to say new IP's but we are not investing huge money and taking a huge risk for something that may not sell.

look at THQ few wrong moves could lead to a big publisher going out of business

what's better is for a series to go on a 3-5 years break and than get a reboot, in those 3-5 years learn from other games being released and in between do something new but than bring that old IP back with a bang like Tomb Raider just did and like DMC

but that's just my 2 cents on this, instead if killing gaming franchises don't you think it would be better for a 3-5 years break and than coming back with fresh ideas

NukaCola1987d ago

I get the exhaustion from now another AC game, it's an open world pirate game and that is something I want more than anything. I don't even see AC as we know it, I see a next gen game with exploration and pirateering and getting lots and lots of booty.

Omni-Tool1987d ago

They should change the name to Pirate's Canon then and change the story to fit as such. Oh snap I just created a new IP.

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MrKennedy1988d ago

This is a good article about games.

SwiffEpics1988d ago

OMG Call of Duty really? But that's all I play. I need my COD mate.

Other than that I agree with the list. Good stuff.

josephayal1988d ago

Dont worry cod will never die.. Never

maelstromb1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Uh huh, keep tellin' yourself that. That's exactly what they said about the Guitar Hero craze, and look where that ended--dead and buried after Activision ran it 50 feet into the ground. Two VERY different franchises, but still relevant.

rbailey1988d ago

Very controversial list and especially so because of the last two choices. Nintendo fans about to go in on you lol

danitanzo1988d ago

I could be considered a nintendo fan, and even I could do without mario or pokemon... :P

maelstromb1987d ago

I agree. Nintendo needs to give Mario and Pokemon a much, MUCH needed rest. Whatever happened to an Earthbound sequel? Or like someone else mentioned above in the comments, Eternal Darkness II? Yes, it was developed by Crystal Dynamics, but published by Nintendo and the fact that they haven't made that sequel, in particular, a priority at all is an absolute travesty.

Rayansaki1987d ago

The last 2, really? 3 and 4 are even more ridiculous, they don't have a legion of games and they remain fresh and with new ideas every iteration.

Sovereign591988d ago

No franchise "needs to die." Many could use some innovation and refreshing ideas, some could even use a hiatus to get things primed for their next installment, but to say any franchise simply "needs to die" is ridiculous defeatism.
Think of your favorite franchise that you've played for years and have many fond memories of as a ship. If your ship starts taking on water, are you fine with letting it sink, or would you like to see renovations made and then set sail on another adventure?

jaggernaut251988d ago

The ship analogy is nice, if we were talking about something that simply serves the purpose of having a singular utility, ie: transportation. When it comes to games though, I feel like developers get too wrapped up in trying to deliver an experience "consistent with the property" instead of actually pushing things forward.

I agree that some reboots and overhauls have been successful (Tomb Raider comes to mind, recently) but that wasn't a franchise that was being ran into the ground anyways.

Different opinions though :)

khowat1988d ago

I think this is sorta like satire, obviously no franchise needs to die and I think that almost all the games on this list just need to chill out for a while (do we need AC4 NOW?) but some of these games are literally just formula like mario and pokemon that nothing can really be done to these games to innovate unless you change up the formula (Super Mario Galaxy)

Oh_Yeah1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

What are you talking about.. Mario and Pokemon can't innovate? How bout an open world Pokemon game on consoles with real time ish combat like Ni no Kuni. And Mario.. How bout throw in some realistic graphics and make a mature iteration. I see plenty ways Nintendo could step out the box with all their titles.