Gaming Using Your Brain as a Controller

TGBuzz: There’s always been the futuristic Sci-Fi concept of virtual gaming using your thoughts alone as a controller, an idea that belonged in environments like Back to the Future, or The Jetsons. It seems this idea, however, is only a Kickstarter project away

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joab7771958d ago

Great concept, hope he is succesful. But, needing funds to overcome engineering hurdle usually means buying a liscense for a game engine, paying ppl to do work etc. He needs it to create a game that reads electrical activity in the brain to throw trucks on screen. So, somewhere between $40,000 and 4 I understand that it may be relatively easy to gather info from the brain to decide whether to thfow a truck or not but he is going to use a multiplayer platform so it must include direction and distance . Maybe this isnt as complicated as something like kinect, but it seems it would be.