Chasing Graphics – The Sacrifice of Storytelling

Visuals are an important part of certain stories – with some games you need the characters to be able to portray emotions for the gameplay to work (think reading people in L.A. Noire), but in other games it’s just a nice addition. - Daily Reaction

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Foolsjoker1778d ago

Story telling sadly does seem to take a backseat to graphics.

jony_dols1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Video game storytelling generally isn't that solid (with a few oft quoted exceptions), graphics tend to distract us from crummy writing. Which is a good thing, because developers can't exactly afford David Fincher or Oliver Stone to pen a game's screenplay.

One of these storytelling exceptions being Bioshock. Would it have been anywhere as effectual if it had been released on the NES with 8-bit graphics & no audio diaries or voice acting? Me thinks not.

TrendyGamers1778d ago

I like the format for this one.

dbjj120881778d ago

I definitely think photorealistic graphics aren't the way to go. I'm just really sensitive to the uncanny valley. Freaks me out.

Wedge191777d ago

Great new format. Makes it really interesting. And yes, some of the best stories are those not told with the best graphics.

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