Battlefield 4 unlikely to arrive on the Wii U

The strained relationship between EA and Nintendo means that Battlefield 4 is unlikely to see release on the Wii U.

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NYC_Gamer1867d ago

I doubt Nintendo fans are worried about BF4

classic2001867d ago

I also doubt they expect games like this on the wiiu.

LOL_WUT1867d ago

Well, if BLOPS2 on the WiiU is anything to go by then, you're right.

Dj7FairyTail1866d ago

except we don't care much for that game. Well I don't.

DOMination-1866d ago

I've been plays blops2 the last week. Its a very solid game.

Root1867d ago


Besides why would EA want to dumb down Battlefield 4 just for the Wii U when they can make better versions for the PS4 and Nextbox

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1867d ago

I have to agree with root on this the wii-u userbase wont be interested in BF4 and PS4 and new xbox version would be far superior anyway and will have way more gamers online playing it.

Root1867d ago

Exactly, I mean if they do a port after the PS4/Nextbox versions come out then fair enough they can tweak it to suit the specs of the Wii U but I don't want it to get in the way of pushing the PS4s and Nextboxs new specs.

I don't see why people are surprised about this though, we all knew the Wii U was going to be weaker and that third party support would drop once either PS4 or Nextbox was announced first

lilbroRx1867d ago

You do know that the majority of the Wii U's userbase is hardcore gamers right?(One of the main reason it has such low sales is because they failed to advertise to the average consumer).

deafdani1866d ago

Yeah, because they never dumbed it down just for the PS3 / Xbox 360, dragging down the PC version. Never.

1866d ago
Root1866d ago


Dragging the PC version down for consoles versions isn't really the same as one console dragging down another.

The PC isn't really a console is it, more like a platform.

PopRocks3591866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

EDIT: Never mind. You addressed the issue when replying to deafdani.

ChickeyCantor1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

"The PC isn't really a console is it, more like a platform."

More like a platform? They are all are "platforms". When you develop something you don't ask:

"Do we go for platform or console?"

No you ask

"Which platform will we be developing for?"

Which includes all. From PC to consoles to mobile phones ( and embedded systems too ).

Please refrain from saying stupid stuff like you just did. It isn't helping your case.

MikeMyers1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

sidar, that is true. The Problem really lies in the fact we have console fanboys who would rather focus all of their attention of those systems instead. So that they can blame one console for not allowing the other to get fully exploited which further escalates the console wars.

We've seen many PC games come to the console and be dumbed down so to speak (easier and more mainstream), and we've also seen PC versions far eclipse (technically) the console versions of multiplat games all the time. Yet some want to continue to blame everything on a console that may not be as strong as the other for why the multiplat isn't as good. And again most times it's to continue to fuel the console wars.

Think of it like music files. The PC would be the equivalent to the lossless format (flac, APE, ALAC) while the consoles would be the equivalent to lossy formats (MP3, AAC). So what we have are a bunch of console fanboys arguing over which lossy format is better.

wampdog291866d ago

I don't know. Why did EA dumb down Battlefield 3 from the PC version for current consoles???

deafdani1866d ago

Root: ALL of them, consoles or PC, are gaming platforms. All are able to receive their own version of any given game.

So, yeah, it is actually exactly the same. It's a fact that the inferior power of the PS3 and Xbox 360 affected the PC version of Battlefield games (which still remained superior all the same).

So, ignoring that, but calling the Wii U out exactly for the same reason, is an awful case of double standards. Accept it, or you are an hypocrite, plain and simple.

Root1866d ago

People are totaly missing the point here

Why do people keep bringing PCs up, were talking about consoles not PCs. You can use that excuse on nearly every game out there if you wanted.

Theres more of an audience on consoles thats why EA decided to dumb Battlefield down and not take advantage of the PC, it's why a lot of games don't take advantage of the PC, why do you think we get so many "PC gaming is dying" articles because developers want more money.

As I've said it's not as bad dumbing a PC game down for consoles then one console dumbing another console game down even more.

MikeMyers1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

"People are totaly missing the point here"

Other way around. You're making it seem like the PC shouldn't be relevant when it is.

"Why do people keep bringing PCs up, were talking about consoles not PCs. You can use that excuse on nearly every game out there if you wanted."

And we will. Just because you're just focused on consoles doesn't mean everyone should be.

"Theres more of an audience on consoles thats why EA decided to dumb Battlefield down and not take advantage of the PC, it's why a lot of games don't take advantage of the PC, why do you think we get so many "PC gaming is dying" articles because developers want more money."

So when the audience is larger on smartphones then what? EA didn't dumb down Battlefield. In fact Battlefield 3 showed just how far behind consoles were at the time. The game barely ran at 30fps on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and could only support so many players online. Meanwhile on the PC gamers could get well above 30fps and go beyond 1080p, all while supporting more gamers online. Yet you want to argue about the discrepancies of the power between the Xbox 360 and the PS3? Give me a break.

"As I've said it's not as bad dumbing a PC game down for consoles then one console dumbing another console game down even more. "

Why don't you just come clean and say what you want to say. That is you felt the PS3 underperformed because of the Xbox 360 and now you're worried about the PS4 maybe being slightly more powerful again than the rumored next Xbox. You make it sound like the PS3 was way more powerful when it wasn't. The Wii was way less powerful and the Xbox 360 and PS3 did not suffer because of the Wii. What you had was the PC being the top dog while the PS3 and Xbox 360 were very close (if you installed the game on the hard drive for the Xbox 360) while the Wii lagged behind. Which is the way it was supposed to be. So if you want the best version you should have supported the PC and not worry about how the PS3 may have been dumbed down because of the Xbox 360. We've seen games on the PS3 be the lead platform from EA like Burnout Paradise, are you really going to tell everyone it was night and day from the Xbox 360? lol

I imagine next gen multiplat titles will be close again on the PS4 and next Xbox and I'm sure you'll think the next Xbox will be holding it back again. The question is did you care during the PS2 era that the Xbox was quite a bit more powerful? Doubtful.

No wonder you don't want to talk about the PC.

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zebramocha1867d ago

@NYC that's above the point,if can run on the wiiu then there shouldn't be reason not to support it.

AngelicIceDiamond1866d ago

Exactly? Why do people think a particular console fanbase don't want a certain genre of game? That's stupid and makes no sense?

If the Wii U can perform tasks that the PS360 aren't capable of doing then I say EA should make a U version. In fact, that would be an honor to have U version. I think its clear EA isn't going for the install bases of of current gen consoles.

As for Nintendo, they need all the third party games they can get. The problem with Nintendo is they'e made a system that competes against PS360 and not with future consoles.

The second problem is obviously third party games getting on board with Nintendo. Nintendo, MS and now Sony are playing tug of war with third party it'll be very interesting to see what happens at E3 this year.

t3gamenews1866d ago

im no worried about battlefield 4 wii u?
whos the judge of this you? really with people would stop putting all nitnendo fans in 1 pot.

there are some that buy only nintendo games, there are some that only buy call of duty & battle type games, then there are those of us who buy both.

i want battle field for on wii u.

besides we haven't seen full potential of wii u yet so why do some of you think the wii u version will be dumped down just because its wii u. if the ps4 was released in wii u's place you wouldn't see its full potential either when there still making games for ps3 & 360. black ops 2 wii u for example vs ps3/360.
& later game need for speed u.

madjedi1865d ago

" if the ps4 was released in wii u's place"

One because sony nor ms is that naive to design such a underpowered console and then expect to have good third party support.

Nintendo is trying to pass of another last gen system as a next gen one and they are paying the price, especially since the wii crowd has throughly ignored it.

Dj7FairyTail1866d ago

I am not worried at all.
Beside I had
Battlefield 2 Modern Combat on PS2
Battlefield 1943 on PSN
Battlefield Bad Company 2 on PS3
Battlefield 3 on PS3
Battlefield Play 4 Free on PC

I careless if it comes to Wii U.

showtimefolks1866d ago

I think that will be the story for a lot of big games on wiiu

When big 3rd party games do poorly on nintndos home consoles publishers look away from Nintendo. Nintendo fans buy all the exclusives but not a lot of 3rd party games

But few exclusives alone are worth the asking price for most Nintendo systems. For me Zelda

falcon791866d ago

EA will close down this gen thinking microsoft and sony can always get the thru is a very fan boyism way of doing business i think ?? anyway wiiu will do better with 3rd party exclusives i think like Beyonetta2 and Wonderful 101 ect as they look like quality over quantity and Retro studio's have to show off that GAME ENGINE ??? wiiu will be fine EA will be the next THQ,Ubisoft will survive with a winning strategy of releasing games on all major platforms.

solid_warlord1866d ago

People buy Nintendo system to play Mario's and Zelda games. Its not a console for everyone else. Only Ninty fans will buy it especialy the price its at today. Theres not many real hardcore and masculine game for Wii U, just childish looking games that don't intrest me.

Whymii1866d ago

so far...

Wow, that wasn't generalizing at all.

It's kind of true though. Just the other day I was playing Mario Creed, Mario Effect, Yoshi Arkham City, ZombiZelda and Black Ops Luigi 2. I can't wait to play Grand Theft Mario and Peachshock 3.

As for BF4. I don't see it happening, but if it does I will probably buy it. We haven't yet seen what the Wiiu can do and it may surprise some people. It won't be PS4 or Nextbox, but it could still be good. Time will tell.

solid_warlord1866d ago

@whymii so far allot of third party publishers and Devs are openly being negative and looking likely that just like last gen, third party hit games will not show up on Wii U. So no future Mass Effects, GTA's, Red Dead, Crysis, Half Life's and possibly CoD's. Just Mario and nintendo games for u guys, like it was on the original Wii days.

DeadlyFire1866d ago

I disagree. WiiU will get Battlefield 4. Battlefield 3 even had an Iphone game. So yes its coming to WiiU. EA is greedy as fuck. When will people see that I don't know.

trenso11866d ago

Wasn't that game cancelled

DeadlyFire1865d ago

Yes shortly after release, but EA will try anything at least once to sell a game on a different platform.

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DoctorXpro1867d ago ShowReplies(2)
Jek_Porkins1867d ago

It's terrible how EA is treating Nintendo and the Wii U, it's almost as bad as how they treated Sega with the Dreamcast. If they would put some games out at the same time as the other consoles things would be fine.

Why not put Sim City out on the Wii U? Why not Battlefield or Crysis 3? I just don't understand it.

GreenRanger1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

I think it's because there are too few Wii U owners at the moment.
Around 140 million PS3 and 360 owners VS. around 3 million Wii U owners.
I doubt the devs want to bother, especially since only a small percentage of that 3 million would likely be interested in Battlefield 4.

Jek_Porkins1867d ago

Well by the time BF4 released, the Wii U install base could be between 8-10 million consoles. Things are slow now, but it might lead people to actually buy a Wii U for a third party game for a change.

Ulf1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )


By the time the Wii U has sold 8M units, people looking for a new console to play BF4 on will have the PS4 and 720 to choose from.

I think a Wii U sale, to get BF4 on the Wii U over the PS4 and 720, will be kinda tough at that point.

DigitalRaptor1867d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

To be fair, Nintendo haven't given developers a huge list of reasons to develop games for them just yet. The install base is pretty low at the moment when compared to the current gen platforms, the Wii U hardware is said to be troublesome to develop for leading to inferior ports of current gen games, and the specs are incomparably inferior to PS4, next gen Xbox and PC - the platforms holding the games that these developers are clearly focused on.

Nintendo also haven't made a significant effort with third party developers for a long time on their home consoles. It goes both ways. They've kind of brought it on themselves by producing another Wii hardware scenario.

With Nintendo it's all about the first party games, and they'll come when they come.

GreenRanger1867d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

@ Jek_Porkins
"it might lead people to actually buy a Wii U for a third party game for a change."
If people were going to buy a console for this game, i doubt they would buy the Wii U for it, especially since it would be guaranteed to be the inferior version of the game between the next-gen consoles.

falcon791866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Yeah alright kid if you think Battlefield4 is going to pose a struggle for wiiu your in for a shock wiiu wont struggle with any game in the the next gen PERIOD.

BLuTheSecond1866d ago

Because the Nintendo fans don't support third party games. It's Nintendo or nothing for them. It just doesn't make sense for companies to spend money on porting games when there is only a handful of people who will buy the game.

lilbroRx1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

That is false. Nintendo fans don't support "bad" third party games. Games that are actually made with a real effort tend to make a profit.

Most of the third party games released on the Wii U at launch were lazy, poorly optimized, straight ports of old 360 and PS3 that most Wii U that cost twice as much as their 360/PS3 counterparts did at the time. Nintendo fans do not want that. Nintendo fans are not retarded. They have standards.

On the other hand there were "two" titles that weren't rushed, poorly optimized, straight ports. ZombiU and Trine 2: Directors Cut.

Last I checked, ZombiU was the best selling third party game on the Wii U to date and Trine 2: DC was the best selling eshop game.

Nintendo fans don't want third party games. What Nintendo fans want are "GOOD" third party games.

When the devs give them quality, they will with give them sales.

BitbyDeath1866d ago

Nintendo is probably forcing everyone to make use of the tablet when making a game.

This would explain why we had articles earlier in the Wii U's life about devs having trouble finding creative uses for it.

A lot of people/devs are perfectionists and if it feels half baked it's often easier to just skip it altogether.

deafdani1866d ago

No, Nintendo actually isn't doing that. The only requirement is that the tablet controller must be the main control method, and if a developer doesn't want to make extra use of the tablet functionality, they can just use map the buttons exactly the same way they do with a PS3 / 360 controller, and use the screen just for off-TV play, and call it a day.

RFornillos41866d ago

no Nintendo is not forcing every developer to make use of the tablet. why would Nintendo release the Wii U Pro controller if they were.

like deafdani said, they can simply map the controls and add a simply off-tv play feature and voila you're done.

also, developers are not to be blamed here. the sad reality is, the choice to make games for a console do not lie on the developers but to the man in suits. just like what CryTek's head said, they've already got Crysis 3 running on Wii U; but the business side of it all was the reason it didn't, coz EA and Nintendo failed to have some sort of agreement (with stories suggesting that this is because of Nintendo not agreeing to use EA's Origin).

Yodagamer1866d ago

It's because of that origin crap, nintendo didn't want it, ea wasn't happy. Ea cried and cried, but nintendo didn't care. Now we must suffer without the crappy ports ea would have produced anyways.

Qrphe1866d ago

ME3, NFS and the EA Sports games don't really look worse or have less features than the competition (on the contrary if anything). At this point anyway, the support would benefit Nintendo more than EA.

Yodagamer1866d ago

The Ea sports titles had less dev time than the iphone versions as the dev said and the new engines were ripped out of fifa and madden for wii u.

stragomccloud1866d ago

It's because EA wanted Nintendo to agree to making EA's origin service the Nintendo online network service. Nintendo said no.

EA is pissed off about that.

Whymii1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

It's purely a business decision. There's nothing personal. Publishers are becoming very risk adverse at the moment. It is a matter of EA looking at the risks and return on investment. If the figures look promising, they will go ahead.

They're are not in the business of loosing money to make gamers happy. Sorry, that's the truth. Fingers crossed the numbers add up, but at the moment it's not looking good.

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contradictory1867d ago

i don't think that's what people with Wii U would want in the first place... you'd want to buy a Wii U
for nintendo games
LoZ, Mario, Metroid, Pikmin. etc.

sadly as of now there's not really anything worthwhile for me to justify myself getting a wii u

there eventually will be though

lilbroRx1867d ago

You apparently don't know what Nintendo fans want then.

BLuTheSecond1866d ago

Apparently he knows more than Nintendo fans themselves. They say they want more third party on Nintendo systems yet they never buy them when they do come(I'm not talking about shovel-ware either).

RFornillos41866d ago


it's not that they don't buy them. it's that they have little incentive to get the 3rd party software. take for instance BLOPS2. BLOPS2 for the Wii U was considered by some as even better than the other consoles' version; but with the Wii U's install base currently at over 3 million only, the online community is naturally not high. not to mention, if all your friends are playing it on the XBox360/PS3, even if you have a Wii U, why would you get it when your friends are not gonna be on it. also it came out a week or so after the other console versions.

take note that ZombiU and Trine 2: DC are the best-selling 3rd party softwares for the Wii U currently. when Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Dragon Quest X, Lego City Undercover, The Wonderful 101, etc. comes out, they're already expected to sell.

Whymii1866d ago

I love all these generalist statements on wii u articles by people that don't own one. How do you know what ALL people with a wii u want?

You don't own one so the only thing that you really know is that right now the wii u is not attractive to you. That's fine. It may never. The main thing is that you find a platform/s that can support your interest in games.

Realplaya1867d ago

I have a WII U and Black ops why wouldn't I want the game?
I didn't by Mario either.

lilbroRx1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Same here. I didn't buy Mario for the Wii U and I only bought the first Galaxy for the Wii. I got a bunch of Indie games, ZombiU and Tekken Tag 2 for my Wii U.

Most of what I buy on Nintendo hardware are the unique third party games likes No More Heroes, Elebits, Zack and Wiki, Red Steel 2, The Last Story, Xenoblade etc.

Right now I'm looking forward to Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter Ultimate, and Sniper Elite. I will get NFS Most Wanted U when the price drops to a reasonable number and I may get Injustice if it turns out well and isn't just a straight port from the PS3/360.

And for the people who gave Realplaya disagrees, sorry for contradicting your condescending presumptions of what gamers on Nintendo consoles like.

deafdani1866d ago

Xenoblade is actually first party. Nintendo owns Monolith Soft. :P

Realplaya1866d ago

lilbrorx I agree but I expected the disagrees even if your comment is neutral if you mention one system you get dinged. But to add to what I said I barely play games as much as I used to. But no one is going to put me in a box I play the games I like on whatever system I own. I wanted be getting any of the next gen systems for a while. But I do suspect that when A game isn't selling well on the other two systems it will hit the WII U. My reasoning is as a developer and publisher you have to get paid. If nintendo has an installed base around 20 mill and the other two are around that can you afford to let your game bomb sales wide on one system? I will go on a limb and say no.