The Showdown Effect (A HalfBeard's HUD Review)

The Showdown Effect is Arrowhead Game Studio’s latest title which seeks to take every clichéd 90s and 80s action film and mash them together into a game. Arrowhead’s previous work is the well-known game Magicka. It is published by Paradox Interactive, whose work includes Game of Dwarves and War of the Roses. The gamer’s elevator pitch for The Showdown Effect might describe it as some sort of Smash Bros mod for a 2.5D Team Fortress 2. The action is fast-paced, the graphics are simple but charming, and the gameplay is simple enough to pick up and play. It’s probably a little too simple for some, but others might find its unique charm endearing. Does Paradox Interactive deliver a new cult classic, or something to be left in the discount bin?

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