The New Lara Isn’t All That Cosmetically New

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''The reboot of Tomb Raider has certainly impressed me. It’s a fantastic combination of a number concepts brought forward by various other games such as Batman Arkham City, Uncharted and even Dead Space. There is one part of Tom Raider that I feel is a bit of a lie. Maybe ‘lie’ is a bit too strong of a word, perhaps exaggerated is more fitting. What I am referring to is the ‘new look’ Lara Croft.''

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panbit861866d ago

So she should be short, fat and ugly so that people could feel her "real" and "relate" to her?! Like, seriously... WTF?!
**It's LARA-fuckin'-CROFT for crying out loud!!!**
As far as i am concerned in the next one they should have her in a thong!

GamerEuphoria1866d ago

Might be a step backwards lol

GreenRanger1866d ago

At least she doesn't look like a stoned Frankenstein, like 'Donte' did.

GamerEuphoria1866d ago

Maybe DLC could fix that? 'Hair cut DLC'

BitbyDeath1866d ago

'There is one part of Tom Raider'

I'd say her being a guy is cosmetically new.

Root1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

There was nothing really wrong with her...except the voice

He design was quite nice and stuck to what Lara would look like if she was younger. I just wish they would of done a game based on the real Lara Croft instead of making her out to be a brand new timeline

The backstory from the Lara we grew up with about her plane going down in the Himalayas and her being the only survivor after it kills her parents and Fiancée while at the same time trying to survive the harsh climate and attacks off wild animals in her surroundings would of hardened her the most.

skyrimer1866d ago

I'm fine the way she looks in the game, they really made a good effort with her looking attractive yet still not too hot.