Doug TenNapel Wants Your Ideas for a New Claymation Adventure Game

Doug TenNaple, developer of the cult classic adventure game The Neverhood, has announced that he is working on a brand new full sized, PC and Mac point and click adventure game in clay and puppet animation, and he wants fans' ideas and input on it.

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TheLiztress1982d ago

Oh, I might just have to suggest something.

Freak of Nature1982d ago

I can suggest something now. Skullmonkeys! Which was a sleeper, a really fun platformer, with style and creativity in both looks and gameplay.

But he is already set for a point and click. Perhaps a open World expansion and exploration of the Neverhood and it's vast universe.

Adding in some physics based gameplay in this day and age would be great, perhaps a little of what "Limbo" offered.

Puzzles that make you think!

Deep back story!

Open ended, and alternative choices. Open World, with freedom to explore and conquer in whatever order the players wish.

Don't forget the "long hallway of lore"...

Keep it funny and quirky, but atmospheric.

masteroftheclaw1982d ago

I wish the Neverhood were released for GOG or something because it's hard to get running on modern computers. It would nice to have a digital re-release announcement alongside this new game.

HarryMasonHerpderp1982d ago

I remember playing this game when I was really young on a very very old PC lol good times!