4G PS Vita on the Horizon?

Recent price cut lends to rumors of a PS Vita 4G model.

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LOL_WUT1869d ago

Sony's main focus should be on getting the Vita back on track (Japan comes to mind) before introducing a new model, just my thoughts. ;)

yeahokchief1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I'm considerig buying one of these because of the 4 free vita games + 2 free ps3 games i didnt play yet with PS+.

But not knowing whether or not there is going to be a new model soon is the only thing holding me back from picking one up.

And i'm not really even into handhelds.... I just want to play the games on it like gravity rush and soul sacrifice in april. plus i'll have like 2 cross buy games i already own.

and they're having a lot of deals on the memory cards. that used to be another huge turn off for me. they cut the price on the 32gb to $50 and then to $75 earlier when they used to cost $100.

$200 for a bundle, $50 for ps plus, $75 memory, $25 screen protect/case would be about $350 for a system with 7 games to play. not bad. i'm not trying to rip on the wii u, but that is better value than a Wii U in terms of the number of games that i would actually play.

This things going to need some massive sales to keep it alive. It only has 4.3Million users worldwide. They need to get those price cuts on the system to all the retailers and cement whether or not there will be a new version.

LOGICWINS1869d ago

I would love to know how many people out there would be willing to pay for two data plans. One for their Vita and one for their smartphone. And even then, AT&T's data packages ALL have download/upload caps, not effective at all for moderate Gaikai use on the Vita via 4G.

But whatever, thats Sony's problem. My only concern is a price drop for the Wi-fi version and memory cards.

Minato-Namikaze1869d ago

paying for a separate data plan is stupid to me. I usually just tether my vita to my phone

LOGICWINS1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Ull just eat up your data super quick if you do that for an extended period of time. Playing onlne, Netflix etc.

EDIT: Not to mention, when Gaikai comes out. It'll be a whole different ball game. Streaming a game for an hour would nerf all your data.

Btw, doesn't AT&T charge you for tethering? With AT&T, you MUST have a seperate tethering plan so your phone can act as a hotspot for other devices. Tethering or not, AT&T always finds a way to rape people.

chaos-lockheart1869d ago


for people using sprint, they can have unlimited 4g data

Seraphim1869d ago

The idea was great but the problem is the pricing. That and necessity. I mean how many really need to get a 3G Vita and take advantage of the plans? 250MB for $15/mo. 3GB for $30/mo. It's bad enough we're getting raped on our smartphones & they're all trying to limit our data use there and coming up w/ BS excuses. $87/mo after 10% and there's no reason we shouldn't be getting $60-70/mo bills tops. I'm tempting to go Net 10 or another prepaid Unlimited for $50/mo later this year. Or even stick w/ Verizon and get their Pre-Paid for $70/mo for Unlimited Talk/Text 2GB data. Of course I have an Unlimited Data Plan so I'd almost hate to give that up.

$10-15 is a fair monthly fee to assess on something like a Vita. I mean even those using it, how often are they pulling data off the 3G network? Chances are more often than not they're able to run a Wi-Fi connect. I think the idea is great but in a country where we're already being raped by wireless providers, cable providers, etc, not enough Vita owners find the extra cost necessary. Personally for $10/mo, through Verizon, I'd be hesitant to take advantage of the monthly plan often if ever. Also let's consider how and where AT&T covers. Up here it's AT&T or Verizon and even though we're in an Alltel Verizon location even before the purchase Alltel was the superior service here. Now that it's verizon, leaps and bounds over AT&T.

nevin11869d ago

One dude says he's paying $110 for his phone bill.

You people are crazy.

Minato-Namikaze1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I have t-mobile. They dont seem to charge me for tethering. I get 5GB for about 30 a month. I rarely use more than 1GB of data each month

LOGICWINS1869d ago

Looks like I'm switching to T-Mobile lol

Minato-Namikaze1869d ago

@chaos how much is the total bill. mines is about 80 a month. 500 minutes, unlimited text and 5gb of data. my contract is up soon and i wanna shop around a bit (especially if t-mobile doesnt get the xperia z)

chaos-lockheart1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )


$79.99 Unlimited Text, Unlimited Mobile to any mobile (ATT,t-mobile,verizon etc), 450 minut landlines, Unlimited data. When I signed up it was $69.99 now its $79.99. but make sure you have good signal and have 4g lte at your area. 4G LTE just came out in some areas, and still coming, so it's still new. Im using the old 4G, my contract is up too, just waiting for the new 4G LTE to come out in my area.

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mcstorm1869d ago

@LOGICWINS I agree. I also don't see the point in the 3G version as you cant play your games online with it. So you can only check things like Facebook ect using 3G which everyone has on there mobile now a days any way.

If they say that the 4G version is able to play games online then I can see a point to it. If you cant then I don't see the point in it.

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BuffMordecai1869d ago

This isn't very smart of them, they should have cut their losses and abandon the whole 3g/4g crap. The feature is irrevelent if you can just tether the vita to your smartphone. Drop the price on the WiFi model and use that new ad agency if you don't want this handheld to continue floundering.

admiralvic1869d ago

I think this is what we're seeing, but some people want to take a different stance than "Vita is doomed", so they mention 4G instead.

FlyingFoxy1869d ago

Why don't they just have unrestricted 3G/4G usage but you top up cash whenever you want to use it, they could charge like 1p per minute like the old Dial up days. That would be a lot better than what they charge now and the data caps.

WeAreLegion1869d ago

4g model:

- 120 Gb on-board flash memory (Pipe dream, I know...) If not, include a 32 Gb Memory Card
- Pack in 3 months of PS Plus, Killzone: Mercenary, and oh, who cares? They're not going to do any of this. :/

All for $179.99!!!

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