The 34 ‘Offensive’ God of War Trophies That Haven’t Been Changed

In case you missed it yesterday, we let you know that Sony Santa Monica is changing the name of their ‘Bros before Hos’ trophy because it was deemed “offensive to some members of our community and impacted their enjoyment of the game”. Rather than arguing why it’s either a good or bad thing, we just wanted to make a quick list of other trophies from the God of War franchise that could easily be construed as offensive, either in name or task you complete to unlock them.

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TrendyGamers1805d ago

Reading through all of these trophies really makes me want to replay the entire series again.

smashcrashbash1805d ago

Please don't name them.Next thing people will be vying to change those too.

shoddy1805d ago

Man it's for matured audience.
If you're a sissy gtfo.

Mounce1804d ago

@Shoddy and @The_Science_Guy

He's obviously fucking joking....calm your damn nips, children.

x5exotic1804d ago

Mounce you need to bounce cuz you the one who need be chillin dawg man bro ho

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ftwrthtx1805d ago

Honestly, I don't care if anyone is offended. Games are a form of art and trophy names are included in that art.

kneon1805d ago

I don't find any of them offensive, but plenty of them are just juvenile. It's just this sort of thing that makes it hard for many people to take games seriously.

Swiftfox1805d ago

Incorrect. The game by itself is art. A trophy or achievement is a reward given to the player for completing various aspects of the game. While it's true these trophies are contextually linked to tasks in the game, they are not a part of the base experience. If trophies were to be removed, the experience of the game remains the same, while the experience of collecting the trophies would be absent. They are two different things.

In the case with God of War; the trophy undermines not only the art of the medium, but makes a juvenile remark about women in general. Men are privileged in the gaming industry and community. Men are privileged in western society in general, while women to this day have yet to share equality with men. Making a remark that not only references men in a positive way, but issues a general insult to women isn't offensive, it's pathetic. Stupid things like this are what keep games from earning respect as an art.

Developers are catering to a demographic at the expense of another for monetary gain. That's morally wrong. Mr. Sessler was correct for pointing out the issue. If games are going to become art, then we need to drop this juvenile, boys-club mentality--not only at the gamer level, but the developer and publisher level as well.

Tontus1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Who cares whether the game industry is considered an art form or not? I play games because it's my favourite pass time when I'm bored at home, not because I'm a pretentious twat who's endlessly trying to convince the public that my hobby should be considered an art form, I couldn't give a shit to be honest and no gamer should.

The sheer hubris & entitlement of pretentious prats like Adam Sessler and those who agree with him who are making a show of being morally superior is pathetic. Not only did Adam Sessler completely take the trophy out of context but I doubt the vast majority of people would have even acknowledged the trophy if it weren't for his pathetic rant.

And I bet my reply to you is just a waste of time because you're quite clearly a sanctimonious prat who's obsessed with sexism in games, political correctness and how games should be considered an art form more than you're interested in the fundamental aspect of a video games themselves which is purely to entertain you in an interactive and visual manner.

DragonKnight1805d ago

"Men are privileged in the gaming industry and community. Men are privileged in western society in general, while women to this day have yet to share equality with men."

Oh yeah, lots of privilege. *sigh*

Pay special attention to the second one and what Tyra Banks does, and then try to find a moment when that happens on public television with the roles reversed and with no backlash.

DragonKnight1805d ago

Note: The videos I have linked contain imagery and words I do not condone or agree with, but do contain segments of particular importance when addressing the alleged "male privilege" that supposedly exists in Western Society. In particular the second video discusses how a woman was vilified for daring to suggest that women could be capable of paedophilia whereas with men it is a common perception that men are the only ones who commit such heinous actions.

Wedge191805d ago

Can we get patches for all of these please? I'm terribly offended. Also, as I said an Twitter earlier, the next patch needs to turn all attacks into hugs.

Skate-AK1805d ago

My "anonymous sources," in touch with SCEA and SM, have told me a patch is in the works.

dbjj120881805d ago

God of war has always had violence and sex minigames. I'm not surprised or offended, but I guess Sessler has the pull since they changed the trophy.

Wedge191804d ago

I would hope that he would only use the power for good. This first mistake was a stumble, like most superheroes discovering their powers, but now comes the critical juncture: Is he a hero or a villian?

Awh hell, we all know he's going to choke. He's been ruining things for years.

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