Does Popular Casting Network Out Next-Gen Xbox Price?

First of all lets clarify what a casting network is. A casting network is a website that aspiring entertainers use to book jobs. Models, actors, musicians and ect use casting networks to look for job opportunities to more commonly get work. The descriptions of these job are commonly kept vague so at this time so using the information provided we were able to make educated guess rather than complete confirmation.

A popular casting network called LA Casting posted a job opportunity titled Xbox. The description of the job was a commercial for an Xbox product. Each actor who got booked for the job was going to be paid in Xbox product. The Xbox product paid to said actors would be totaled at $600 upon the time when the commercial is released. This is the only completely, 100 percent confirmed information given at this time.

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TheSuperior 1954d ago

I sure hope not. I think that is way too expensive. Who could afford $600

classic2001954d ago

Maybe xbox console with xbox games, xbox live 1 year free and so on.

HammadTheBeast1954d ago

If XBL is paid, they should just trade it in for a PS4 at Gamestop.

Godmars2901954d ago

Of course if it is, going to be funnier than anything to hear those who complained about the PS3 price defending $600 now.

nukeitall1954d ago

Well, that is 7-8 years later with inflation. Hardly the same, but more importantly what is it priced relative to the competition and what does it offer to justify the price tag?

The $600 price point for the PS3 was expensive, but only relative to other products competing.

Godmars2901954d ago

The only thing "inflation" increased is available memory. Its already been said that both Sony and MS are largely using off the shelf components for their systems and when the PS3 first came out a standalone BR player was $1000-$1200. By all counts Sony took a $200 hit per PS3 because of the Cell CPU and BR and MS just doesn't have that excuse.

If they do wind up asking $600 for it it will be because of the Kinect 2.0 and by the way things are sounding about it, its inclusion is more for their benefit than consumers.

Gildarts1954d ago

If the specs are awesome(beats the PS4 with a massive gap) then i will give them my $600

negative1954d ago

I can. Maybe you should stop buying booze and pot for a while.

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Godmars2901954d ago

The $600 could just as well be the console, plus a year of XBL at a price other than $60 a year.

Nafon1954d ago

or maybe some accessories...

TheGrimBunny1954d ago

Interesting, never thought about this until now.

BitbyDeath1954d ago

If true then it should have some decent specs under the hood.

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The story is too old to be commented.