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Does Popular Casting Network Out Next-Gen Xbox Price?

First of all lets clarify what a casting network is. A casting network is a website that aspiring entertainers use to book jobs. Models, actors, musicians and ect use casting networks to look for job opportunities to more commonly get work. The descriptions of these job are commonly kept vague so at this time so using the information provided we were able to make educated guess rather than complete confirmation.

A popular casting network called LA Casting posted a job opportunity titled Xbox. The description of the job was a commercial for an Xbox product. Each actor who got booked for the job was going to be paid in Xbox product. The Xbox product paid to said actors would be totaled at $600 upon the time when the commercial is released. This is the only completely, 100 percent confirmed information given at this time. (Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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TheSuperior  +   867d ago
I sure hope not. I think that is way too expensive. Who could afford $600
classic200  +   867d ago
Maybe xbox console with xbox games, xbox live 1 year free and so on.
HammadTheBeast  +   867d ago
If XBL is paid, they should just trade it in for a PS4 at Gamestop.
Godmars290  +   867d ago
Of course if it is, going to be funnier than anything to hear those who complained about the PS3 price defending $600 now.
nukeitall  +   867d ago
Well, that is 7-8 years later with inflation. Hardly the same, but more importantly what is it priced relative to the competition and what does it offer to justify the price tag?

The $600 price point for the PS3 was expensive, but only relative to other products competing.
Godmars290  +   867d ago
The only thing "inflation" increased is available memory. Its already been said that both Sony and MS are largely using off the shelf components for their systems and when the PS3 first came out a standalone BR player was $1000-$1200. By all counts Sony took a $200 hit per PS3 because of the Cell CPU and BR and MS just doesn't have that excuse.

If they do wind up asking $600 for it it will be because of the Kinect 2.0 and by the way things are sounding about it, its inclusion is more for their benefit than consumers.
Gildarts  +   867d ago
If the specs are awesome(beats the PS4 with a massive gap) then i will give them my $600
negative  +   867d ago
I can. Maybe you should stop buying booze and pot for a while.
Godmars290  +   867d ago
The $600 could just as well be the console, plus a year of XBL at a price other than $60 a year.
Nafon  +   867d ago
or maybe some accessories...
TheGrimBunny  +   867d ago
Interesting, never thought about this until now.
THESHAUNZY  +   867d ago
600 bucks... ouch
BitbyDeath  +   867d ago
If true then it should have some decent specs under the hood.
sjaakiejj  +   867d ago
I feel another wave of 599 US Dollars coming.

I doubt Microsoft would be stupid enough to price their console at 599. Then again, they always manage to surprise me.
BitbyDeath  +   867d ago
If they want to match the PS4 and include Kinect it is bound to push the price up.
Jek_Porkins  +   867d ago
They don't need to match the PS4 exactly, just be comprable. Also, the PS4 is releasing with a camera similar to Kinect.
BitbyDeath  +   867d ago
Not confirmed to be bundled with the console as yet.


Q:I believe the announced camera accessory is packaged with every PS4, is that correct?

A: "I don't think we've pinned that down as yet, exactly what product configurations there will be. More details will be revealed over a few levels in the next few months."
porkChop  +   867d ago
It would be stupid for them not to include the camera, and I would be very surprised if they didn't. The camera working with the DS4 is one of the selling points of the console.
BitbyDeath  +   867d ago
@porkchop, are you referring to the lightbar on the controller? Cause i don't believe the Dualshock works with the camera.

Here's a quote of what the lightbar is for -

"The light bar, according to Sony’s press releases last night, “illuminates to match the colour of characters in a game to offer a simpler, more friendly way to identify players, even when playing side by side. The light bar also changes patterns during gameplay to provide useful information to gamers, such as when a character is critically low on health or has taken major damage.”"

porkChop  +   867d ago
Sony has also said that the DS4 can act as a limited Move controller using the lightbar.
stuna1  +   867d ago
I seriously doubt Microsoft would put a $600 console on the market, especially after they saw the trouble the PS3 initially had sales wise!
Jek_Porkins  +   867d ago
I thought the official Microsoft leaked documents pointed towards a price point of $299? At least one SKU anyway. I highly doubt they'd release a console for $600 seeing how poorly it was received at that point.
josephayal  +   867d ago
Only $600? Day one
SlavisH2  +   867d ago
$600 isnt that much. Look at the price of phones and other modern electronics. I hope that $600 = a beast of a machine!
SJPFTW  +   867d ago
"The Xbox product paid to said actors would be totaled at $600 upon the time when the commercial is released"

Its not $600 for a system but a package involving different items. Most likely next gen consoles will go for $399 each. The special package these actors are getting probably also includes a couple games, extra controller, and a year of XBL or w/e... easily adds up to around $600

Article title is kinda misleading
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jmac53  +   867d ago
This is such BS its actually kind of funny. Microsoft watched as Sony made this mistake with the release of the PS3. Does anyone with a shred of logic think that they would follow such a massive blunder and release a $600 console.
Hicken  +   867d ago
stuna1  +   867d ago
I don't think it was so much a blunder, more like bad timing! The PS3 was suppose to have launch when the 360 launched but due too the Blu Ray drives being ready that set Sony back.

Although the added cost of having Blu Ray & The Cell chip in the PS3 boosted the cost significantly. The PS3 has still been able to catch up to the 360 sales wise, even though it launched up to a year and a half later in some areas after the 360.

The base model of the PS3 cost more than the premium model of the 360, yet the Playstation was able to establish Blu Ray as the standard media over HD DVD.

So although mistakes were made! Progress was made also.
Darrius Cole  +   867d ago
It is VERY unlikely that they MS will release the next Xbox for $599.
SilentNegotiator  +   867d ago
Come now, none of the big three are going to release a $599 console a single generation after ps3 did it; no one wants the "five hundred ninty nine US dollars" stigma attached to their system.
StrongMan  +   867d ago
The PS3 sold really well with a $600 price tag but I'm pretty sure the next Xbox won't.
iconic56  +   867d ago
I think the Next Xbox really will be a MSRP $600 because of two things: 1. All those crazy rumors of 3-SOC architecture and 4tflop performance with ray tracing blah blah blah is more likely than not true 2. I think subsidizing advanced tech like a console is a way to go, seeing how it does offer a premium service, whether you want all that social networking and multimedia apps or not.

So if you are willing to sign a Xbox Live contract, then you got the $600 console for $200 or $300 perhaps. And the real wild card is whether or not Microsoft will partner up with a cable provider to help keep the cost of entry low.

Maybe it's just me, but a state of the art console is more appealing to me than any cell phone or tablet device. And they all cost the same price.
dangerousjo44  +   867d ago
well maybe they want more ppl from all around to be awere of the x720. like they can get ppl ready for the 720 while lets say their watching the NBA playoffs and out from nowere we get a quick sneak peek and a date in april to get ready for the first revile of the xbox720 b4 e3
dangerousjo44  +   867d ago
xbox720 wont cost more then 450$
at most and the casual one nomore then 300$
dangerousjo44  +   867d ago
the x360 was 300 and 399 when first came out and sold 300.000 units a month and so did ps3 at 599 so
it did pretty good. so the x720 and ps4 well be fine at 450$
saphiron  +   867d ago
The 600$ is not my concern, but I live in Norway, so when you add all our taxes, it'll be much higher.. PS3 for ex. 600$ turned to 1050$ in Norway! But I imported mine, thank god for region free consoles.
dangerousjo33  +   864d ago
ur conern should be to move thats not the game industy fault were u leave the law of the land makes taxs break u like that lol

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