ArmA 3's Alpha Is A Big Hit, Surpassing All Previous ArmA Games Combined

DSOGaming writes: "Bohemia must feel really great with ArmA 3′s success. Despite the fact that the game is still in alpha stage, ArmA 3′s users are already more than those of all previous ArmA games combined."

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Viper71777d ago


DayZ probably did a lot to boost the visibility of Arma games in general which hopefully introduced the main game to a lot of new players.

TheFamous11777d ago

Yup, I always knew about ARMA and then DayZ got popular and always wanted to play it. Then this came out and I watch videos on it and fell in love with the simulation aspect of the game (it's very different from Call of Duty or Battlefield - your typical modern shooters). So far it's an awesome game with an awesome developer and community behind it.

CyberCam1777d ago

The game is absolutely AMAZING for an Alpha I bought the 10 copies for my family & friends and we're having a blast on my private server!

Bohemia's sales strategy is a smart one, no gimmicks. They just allow their community to help out the development of the game! There are already tons of mods and addons for the Alpha, it's mind boggling!

The ArmA series is lucky enough to have one of the best communities to deal with on the internet. Most people you run into are very mature & overall positive. It's very refreshing!

PockyKing1778d ago

1500 users isn't a ton, if that is what the graph is showing.

john21778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

12500 is the right number of ArmA 3 ;)

PockyKing1777d ago

Sigh, just got back from a 4 hour stop class, brain needs to re adjust hahaha.

ATi_Elite1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I don't know what that chart is! maybe it's Alpha Users.

Arma 2 sales are in the millions. Arma 3 Alpha seems to be doing well, servers are PACKED and it's Number 1 on Steam!

Arma is just getting more and more popular, YES Day Z helped but even without DayZ Takistan Life, Chernarus Life are still great mods plus Arma just offers realistic combat in a open world something no other game is doing with such realism.

Vladplaya1778d ago

I quite enjoy the Beta so far, very fun.

Too bad my video card burned out, hopefully not because I was playing ArmA3 haha, although it is very likely as the game is pretty demanding on the hard-wear.

RTheRebel1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Friend gave it to me on steam, awesome game hopefully
PS4 Release in the future.

TheFamous11777d ago

No way.. a console release for a game like this would be terrible.. it wouldn't even be the same. This game is a sandbox with tons of mods and community driven content. Sony and Microsoft would have none of that unfortunately as it is their platform and they have the final word. This is one of the great things about the PC platform in my opinion - I do game on and enjoy every platform, so this isn't one of those biased "PC Elitist" comments.

arronax-11773d ago

Riiight of course it isn't.

AnteCash1777d ago

Bohemia is listed as ps4 developer so it seems DayZ will be released for PS4.

Vladplaya1776d ago

It simply won't work on consoles, the game is a nitch game on PC, console population would hate something so complex and slow pace. Not even kidding here.

TooTall191777d ago

I couldn't get into a decent mp match, but the showcase missions are very fun!

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