Opinion: Everybody Hates EA

Chris McGuinness of Screen-Shaped Eyes thinks gamers are growing up and developers need to take notice; especially, EA.

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Upbeat1928d ago

I remember them saying that they would never charge for DLC before BF3 came out, obsiously they changed their mind lol.

xPhearR3dx1928d ago

Actually DICE said that.

"We are owned by EA, but we're still very much DICE".

lol riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.


Jdoki1928d ago

I remember, many years back when Electronic Arts was a benevolent and grand company. Pushing the boundaries on consoles like the Megadrive.

At some point the rot set in, and corporate greed took over.

With the release of Dead Space I thought they had turned a corner. They appeared humbled, and had acknowledged the annual grind of their IP was wrong. And I even recall some statement about 'for every X established IP releases we will launch Y new IP'.

Unfortunately that optimism was short lived. I'll still buy EA games as I think they are still producing some quality titles, but it's a shame that a lot of their corporate decisions are punishing the customer, and the creative people behind the games are having to toe the company line.