The PlayStation 4 Is A Monstrous Console: But Specs Shouldn’t Matter

GamerFitNation: The PlayStation 4 on paper appears to be a console with no match. It is only comparable to a PC as it features a PC like architecture. The industry has been sent ablaze lately when the PS4 (PlayStation 4) was announced and was said to feature GDDR5 8 gigs of ram.

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JoGam1927d ago

Oh but it does matter.

Thatguy-3101927d ago

Specs don't matter as much but as a hardware company sony provides the good games that go with good specs

Jaqen_Hghar1927d ago

exactly better specs allow the creators to create more that they envision. They can make their games bigger, prettier, have better AI and physics, have more options, have more online interaction, longer, and obviously faster (fps and loading times). It's great that they are allowing ND, MM, GG, SP, SSM, Polyphony, Insomniac, Bethesda, etc. to make their games that much better.

Hydrolex1926d ago

PS4 is monstrous but specs shouldn't matter ?

This is the dumbest shizz ever !!!!

unless PS4 is physically monstrous, other than that, Specs make it monstrous

MEsoJD1927d ago

Specs are heavily tied to relevance/longevity and development.


Yup, it's not 1999, we all now understand tech, or at least everyone discussing specs have more or less a grasp on understanding what those specs mean on performance down the road. Making an article just to say it doesn't matter is out right hyprocritical.

cannon88001927d ago

The ps4 itself wouldn't be a monster if it had poop specs. But thankfully, Sony has some really talented studios that could get around retardedly old tech if they had to.

can you imagine how bad it would be if the specs were the following;
8 core burrito processor running at 2.0 verde sauce. 8 gigs of diarrhea 5. Dualcock 4 with a 2 inch "feel my penis" touchpad. concave black nipples for the ultimate fps experience.

MysticStrummer1927d ago

Ha my PC's 4 layer chimichanga processor and 8 gigs of guacamole runs circles around your stupid console. Too bad PC games aren't better so it doesn't matter. :(

showtimefolks1927d ago

Tell that to PC gamers who have to make them self feel special by coming into every gaming story just to say better on pc

Specs do matter because this system will be here for next 10 years so we don't want to be playing something which will be useless in 1-2 years. I am glad Sony is pushing the console tech a bit for a bit better future proof console

Many developers have said Sony has shown very little so can't wait to see what they are holding back at E3

FlyingFoxy1927d ago

I have no problem with some console games, i just hate FPS games on them. But 10 years is too long for a console cycle.. 5-6 is enough.

After 3+ years some games will start having framerate problems because the console won't be powerful enough to keep up. This happens with a lot of console games.

Just recently i was watching a playthrough of Doom 3 BFG on 360 and some areas lagged extremely bad, it looked like the FPS was hitting 20.. and that's a game that barely looks any better than in late 2004 on my PC which also hit the same framerate on a 6800 Ultra but in graphically demanding parts.

solid_warlord1926d ago

@flyingfoxy if u hate FPS u shouldn't ever consider buying a console. U should stick with nasty, anti-social, anti-masculine RPGMMO on PC's. We don't like them in console. WoW, Diablo and these types of games should never be allowed to come to consoles. No keyboard for gaming, control pads is the masculine and ideal form of control.

ATi_Elite1927d ago

and the ONE Spec Sony has yet to release is the Spec of the PS4's GPU.

When that Spec is released then all this "Cancer Curing" talk about the PS4 will END cause we will know the PS4's Limits!!!

Dj7FairyTail1926d ago

yeah because the price will be over $500

linkenski1926d ago

If specs truly don't matter, then we should all just play NES over anything else. An improvement in hardware means less limitations, and THAT's what matters.

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NYC_Gamer1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I believe specs are very important on the development side of things..Why do you think Sony listened to studios/devs when built the PS4?its because more things are capable on upgraded hardware gameplay wise..We would still be stuck in the Pong era with that idea of specs don't matter when it comes to hardware/development..

ICECREAM1926d ago

He only writes when he is high.

ICECREAM1926d ago

I need only one answer, can he play nex-gen games on sega genesis, if not then we need power house ps4 to play the games.

GribbleGrunger1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I have never understood this line of thinking. If it was in any way true then the PS1 would have been enough, as would the PS2 or PS3. In order for developers to push their games to the next level they do need that extra power. I know that conceptual games like Journey or Unfinished swan don't rely entirely on power, but they're the exception to the rule. If we are to have meaningful characters with realistic AI, and if we are to have immersive environments with real time lighting, weather and natural events, then we DO need that extra power.

It's all too easy to dismiss something before we've had chance to see what it brings. There WILL come a time when more power isn't needed because the differences will be too small to justify that extra power. But we are not there yet ... not by long chalk.

-Falaut-1927d ago

I have an inkling we will see more "articles" like these leading up to the reveal of a certain console, of which specs are not as high as Sony's offering. But then again that just might be my tin foil hat self talking.

GribbleGrunger1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Doffing my intuitive hat, I'd have to agree. ALL of the leaks so far suggest that the PS4 will be more powerful than the 720 (whether that's true or not ... we'll see) but I've now seen a couple of articles talking about power and better graphics not being everything. Putting it into context with what we suspect, it's not that much of a stretch to see these articles as nothing more than damage control. I'm not saying that's a fact, but it's certainly a trend to keep an eye on. When the specs of the 720 are officially released, or at least we get to see what it can do, THEN we will see if our suspicions are grounded because these articles will disappear.

If these articles disappear then we were probably right. If these articles continue then we were probably wrong. If suddenly power does matter and the 720 happens to be more powerful ... then I'll just bang my head on the nearest wall in disbelief lol.

1927d ago
GribbleGrunger1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

mmmm ... I'm not sure the excitement for 8GB of fast RAM is fan generated. I was under the impression (from the many articles I've read on the subject) that the excitement for that RAM is being generated from the development community and the fans are excited because of that. Most fans don't understand why faster RAM is better, let alone 8GB of that fast RAM, so they take their cues from those that do know. They're just happy. Clearly you're not happy that they're happy.

I'll never understand that way of thinking but to each his/her own as they say.

1927d ago
BitbyDeath1927d ago

"Can anyone name the last time the type or amount of RAM has been the deciding factor in a console race?"

I've seen a lot of comments that people have bought a 360 over the PS3 because it didn't have X-Game Chat.

PS3 didn't have enough RAM set aside in the OS to allow for that feature.

Outside_ofthe_Box1927d ago


Didn't you and 'certain others' always harp on the way the PS3 handles RAM compared to the 360? And how it doesn't allow for 'simple x-game chat' and leads to 'inferior' open world multiplat titles? Now that the tables might possibly be reversed next gen you are flipping the script? lol?

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Root1927d ago

Of course it matters it's a next gen's the whole appeal towards next gen consoles because you expect better specs then the console you have now, it's what will make you want a new console when you see how much better it is.

smashcrashbash1927d ago

Oh the specs matter all right.But no need to worry cause Sony will be bringing the games too. So we will have awesome games that play with awesome specs.We don't only care about how the games will look we also care about the gameplay. I was already impressed with what Infamous and Uncharted 2 were able to accomplish on lesser hardware so higher level hardware will push them even further. Just imagine Infamous with a city three times bigger then the ones we have been in. That means more places to fight and play around in not to mention more enemies at a time and more space to move around in.The specs will give the developers the tools to do more and Sony's studios i am certain will take advantage of it. If Uncharted 2 made me drool next Uncharted could be around the world to every major country with open world space like GTA.

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