Episode 12: SimCity Offline (Feat. Jeremy Goodson of The Guardians, the Multi-Game Guild)

Welcome to another week of MMO Radio! Chris returns to rejoin the show after last week’s awesome appearance by Dr. Klassi. This week we’re pleased to be joined by Jeremy Goodson, Guild Officer of The Guardians. (He’s also the Managing Editor over at Vagary.TV, former blogger and host of the MMO Voices podcast, and Chris’ co-host from the RIFT Watchers days).

On this episode we break down the SimCity debacle and have a spirited debate! Tell us, listener, is it right for game reviewers to lower their scores due to the week’s connectivity issues or is that a permanent judgment to a temporary problem with an otherwise excellent game? I think Maxis would go with the latter.

During the second half, we talk to Jeremy about what it’s like to be an officer in a large, multi-game guild. When an organization is hundreds of members and 5+ games strong, how do you keep drama-free, friendly spirit we all want? How do you manage bad apples or keep them from sprouting in the first place? What unique issues does a guild like this face? All this and more.

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