Bioshock Infinite’s box art “doesn’t say shit about the game”, says Levine

EDGE - Irrational Games co-founder on the reaction to his game’s packshot, and what that says about balancing creativity and commercialism.

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NukaCola1929d ago

Neither do any of the trailers.. Bioshock's original gameplay trailer made it look like a silly scifi shooter when in fact it's not.

Look guys, this is a game unlike anything else you've played. It's one of those shooter-style games you rarely see. a la metroid prime if you will.

I have no doubt this game will be anything less than amazing.

showtimefolks1928d ago

But guess what many complained about the cover art till it was changed proving hat people will complain just about anything because its the Internet ago with social media and easy to be heard

Could care less about cover art, if the game is good who cares about cover art

Sketchy_Galore1928d ago

I understand why they had to use this box art and I doubt it really says anything about the game but really, it's a pretty sorry state the industry is in when the cover art purposefully has nothing to do with the actual game. Ideally cover art is supposed to sum up the overall theme of the game but sadly we're reduced to this ridiculous situation of having to lie by suggesting the game is just another easy to digest shooter on the cover just so enough people play it to cover the cost of development. It's truly ridiculous.

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Root1929d ago

It still shouldn't have been chosen, the alternative box art that has been chosen where you can reverse it looks better then this one. I know the game isn't but it makes it look know first impressions and all.

Hell even the steelbook edition looks much better in my opinion...

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Raider691929d ago

My most wanted game!And frankly after 30+years of gaming i must say that for my likings Bioshock ranks on my most loved game of the last 15 years and overall way ahead of Half Life !

Kurt Russell1928d ago

Oooo, I was nodding away through a lot of your sentence and then you dropped the HL bomb!

I've been gaming about 25 years myself, and I would saddle Half Life and Bioshock with eachother above all else (maybe, just maybe excluding Silent Hill 2)... Both have brilliant dystopian outlooks which I am a sucker for, and both deliver exactly what they promised flawlessly.

I will click neither agree or disagree for a change!

Raider691928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Both are the greatest i have played along with Thief and Deux Ex but i liked Bioshock pace more due to close quarters combat and the biotics use.

MidnytRain1928d ago

That's kind of the problem. Oh well, can't wait for the game.

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