15 game-changing uses for PS4's Share Button

GamesRadar - The PS4 Share Button is an amazing thing. Designed to incorporate the best of social networking and video streaming into one place, it is one of PS4’s biggest selling points.

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BitbyDeath1896d ago

Multi-pager -

1. Instant replays of local gaming
2. Live-streaming eSports
3. Relive every Trophy on your list
4. PlayStation Home digital artwork
5. PlayStation Hall of Fame
6. Gameplay montages
7. Film syncing for Party Chat
8. Machinima
9. Speedruns
10. Official World Record attempts
11. Trailers for user-created content
12. Never another dull loading screen
13. Revolutionise the PSN complaints process
14. Share slideshows
15. Any-screen gaming

Gorilla_Killa_X1896d ago

Thanks, I hate when sites multipage these list just for more hits.

OT, I'm really looking forward to the share functionality of share button and what all it entails.

GiggMan1896d ago

Really appreciate that. What ever happened to 1 or 2 page list?

MysticStrummer1896d ago

Good on ya. I refuse to play along with lists presented like that. Some of those look like minor variations of others but I think it's clear the Share button will get a lot of use.

djthechamp241896d ago

No offence but are you willing to pay for all them features

TheSaint1896d ago

Thanks for this.

'Oh, I have to click 17 pages?' *closes site*.

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badkolo1896d ago

i never had doubt the share button would strictly be tied to FB, there will be many uses for it across more platfroms then just fb

Shadow Flare1896d ago

I'm interested to know if you can use the share button with any ps1,2,3 games that are streamed over gaikai?

They say you can stream every PlayStation game from all the consoles. Does this also mean I could record myself playing colony wars for example? Could I stream live myself playing metal gear solid 3?

If you can do those things with ps4 games, surely the capability is there to do it with the older games. Would be an exciting prospect

BitbyDeath1896d ago

Would also be interesting if we can capture movies/tv shows.

Shadow Flare1896d ago

You can do that with ps3 right now if you have a PlayTV box. Though I think this is a European only product. It lets you watch tv through your ps3, record it and stuff.

But I reckon the share button on ps4 would be for game usage, all sorts of legal things would crop up if Sony allowed us to stream movies

BitbyDeath1896d ago

Oh, i didn't mean a full show. Just like cropping a trailer together or showing your favourite part.
YouTube is full of them so wouldn't think it'd be a huge issue.

NateCole1896d ago

Gave an agree for mentioning Colony Wars. One of many IP's i wanted a new game since the PS1 days.

GreenRanger1896d ago

I'm dying to press that Share button to see what happens.
Yep, that's how exciting my life is right now.
Pressing a friggin' button is on my 'to do' list!

thorstein1896d ago

[X] Skydive
[X] Enjoy Exotic Dancing
[X] See a pro hockey game
[X] Press PS Share Button


Shadow Flare1896d ago

I woke up the other day and immediately stepped in cat sick. You're 1 up on me

Why o why1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

try stepping on a wasp sting bare foot....the same wasp you killed an hour beforehand.. I learnt a lesson that day

Im interested to see what this share button will add in real terms. We've all done some amazing things in games that we just wished we could show to others...this should make it easier. lets hope sony force it on their devs like how ms forced key features for live on devs. If most of these features could be implemented and used just using the console itself then that'll be even better

BitbyDeath1896d ago

I can think of some pretty sweet tricks i've done on PS2 with Tony Hawk which'd been great to capture.

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