What Mass Effect 3′s Ending Taught Us: Statistically Speaking

RGN writes, "Mass Effect 3, perhaps one of the most loved and talked about titles in Bioware’s history as game developers, can’t seem to shake the heat when it comes to fan reception of the title’s ending. With positive response from the Citadel DLC the EA published developer has redeemed themselves with fans and given a satisfying evidence of proof that they will take the series in the direction fans want with future titles. This pleased fans and opened new hope for Mass Effect 4 (whenever it eventually becomes announced) being the genre-defining branching-storyline game they all know it’s capable of being."

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PhiMattic1986d ago

I really hope bioware uses the citadel model for future endings from here on out.

Number-Nine1985d ago

taught me that we the gamers have the power and not the other way around.

ApolloTheBoss1985d ago

It taught me that gaming isn't everything and that was a valuable lesson.

grifter0241985d ago

It taught me that when you ruin an ending the entire franchise is tarnished. I have no idea why the article says
"Citadel," Made all fans happy for the ending, when the DLC isn't even ending material and it's suppose to happen BEFORE the IM mission.

Roccetarius1985d ago

I can never look at the games the same anymore. ME3 definitely ruined it for me.

001985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

It taught me to never trust game journalists.

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