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RGN Writes, "If you look into every kind industry out there, one thing is pretty clear, and that thing is that all industries have its own leading female. The video game industry specifcally? That’s an obvious one. It’s quite clearly Link from Zelda… what’s that? That’s a dude!? Really!? Oh, okay then, I knew that.

In that case, it’s Lara Croft then, of course. Unlike other industries however, in the video game industry, age isn’t anything but a number and going from the very end of your career to the start in a heartbeat is entirely possible. That’s what Crystal Dynamics has done with Croft in the latest Tomb Raider, taking our dynamic heroine from established explorer and adventurer to fledgling survivor in a reboot of sorts."

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Romudeth1987d ago

One of the best games of this gen and is currently my GOTY (so far). Crystal Dynamics should be applauded for their efforts. Tomb Raider is amazing.

PoSTedUP1987d ago

i want to get this so bad, it sounds amazing from what i've heard.

Romudeth1987d ago

You'll dig it. It's pretty incredible.

starchild1987d ago

It really is amazing. My goty too.

PhiMattic1987d ago

I can't wait to play this. Nice review!

DivineAssault 1987d ago

So far im loving it... Im very impressed with it.. Especially since multiplats arent usually this good

SP3333D-O1987d ago

It's freakin' amazing! Gorgeous graphics and very FUN to plan. They implemented the bow very well. Nice balance of story cinematics and gameplay. I'm at 65% after 13 hours, and I'll still have to go back for some skipped items.

the worst1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

9.5/10 you gotta be kidding
more like 7.5/10
this game feels like a 2007 - 2008 game

ufo8mycat1987d ago

maybe should go back to COD
leave the quality games to the core gamers

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