Geoff Keighley to interview Moby Dick Studios

Geoff Keighley ‏@geoffkeighley

This should be interesting: Heading off to interview Moby Dick Studio Head CEO Joakim Mogren.

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dafegamer1683d ago

Should be interesting *MGSV(ita)* *crosses fingers*

classic2001682d ago

LOL at the people who thought moby dick studios was not real.

matrixman921682d ago

its has to be

Nyxus1682d ago

How has it been confirmed to be real yet?

porkChop1682d ago

It ISN'T real. It's Kojima Productions.

Tito081682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

It is fake because the name is based on a novel written during the American Renaissance, the story is based on a giant whale by the name Moby or Mocha Dick.. That is why you see a whale in the trailer of Phantom Pain, & the Guy with his hand ripped off is meant to be the pirate captain or something, the Helicopter is the ship cause the whale destroyed Ships, I knew there was something fishy with the name since it came from the novel, Kojima being silly again lol!!!

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HammadTheBeast1682d ago

Why is this clown interviewing them? Could'nt they find anyone more credible? $20 says he'll show up in a Kimono there.

BitbyDeath1682d ago

I thought the title said something else about him when i first read it. :-/

Mounce1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

No, Hammad, he'll come dressed as a giant Dorito while holding a bottle of mountain dew.

SandWitch1682d ago

There will be some new info hopefully. Indeed this should be interesting

Riderz13371682d ago

Will Doritos and Mountain Dew make a special appearance at the interview?

CapsLocke1682d ago

Doritos guy is on the track!

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The story is too old to be commented.