Gameinformer- Payday 2 Preview: Setting Up A Bigger Heist

GI:Last year’s student project turned digital release Payday: The Heist brought the Left 4 Dead co-op shooting formula to the world of cops and robbers. This follow-up addresses criticisms of the first game, expands the content to include shorter playtimes, and channels more of the heist vibe with more stealthy options.

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kostchtchie_1740d ago

will buy this day 1, payday was great game on PC for me and others

iceman061740d ago

Fully agree. They just need to flesh out some things and it will be awesome. Me and my friends have moved away from competitive multiplayer games, mostly because they seem to lack a coherent goal. So, we now play mostly co-op games. This fits perfectly for us.

kostchtchie_1740d ago

if you want some other good co-op get Arma 3, i have been loving the map editor and co-op game play going on

ShabbaRanks1740d ago

same here. I loved the first one even tho it had some flaws. The second one looks like they fixed alot of them so far. Saw 2 videos today and I was impressed xD