Will PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 Be The Last Console Generation?

RGN Writes, "In this episode of the RealGamerNewz Podcast the crew has assembled together to discuss and respond to groups of gamers out there claiming this will mark the last console generation in history. The same was said about the Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 Generation and is now being said that the Wii U/PS4/Xbox 720 will be the last consoles in history. We speak on this and analyze the validity (or lack thereof) of these claims in the following show among other topics."

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zerocrossing1983d ago

It is incredibly doubtful.

thorstein1983d ago

Did you consult your magic 8 ball for that answer? lulz.
OT: "Will PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 Be The Last Console Generation?" Yes...until the next one.

Hydrolex1983d ago

No ! **** is just about to start actually

scotchmouth1982d ago

As long as there is money to be made we will have consoles. Simple as that

classic2001983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Companies no matter what will always want an hardware exclusively controlled by them, even gabe newell is trying to move away from windows platforms with his steam box running a modified linux.

If the man behind steam wants his version of PC, then how on earth consoles will not exist in the future. Even if cloud gaming becomes big, onlive will still have there onlive console (which they already have) and sony will have there playstation 5/6 gaikai console.

Also cloud will not replace owning downloaded games, it will only supplement playstation for years to come because buying my game will be all about downloads and that new feature where I can play as I download is just as big as cloud gaming for instant gaming.

Smart tv are not portable and it will be far more expensive than standard PC gaming also so that is a No NO. I see console evolving though, who knows the playstation 5 and xbox 1080 might be the first halographic systems lool. We might not need smart tv in the future since consoles will be the place for viewing anything.

OlgerO1983d ago

At least one of the big three will probably release a gaming platform of some form.

SilentNegotiator1983d ago

99.99% No and 0.01% yes.

I suppose that's TECHNICALLY a "maybe"....

tristanwerbe1982d ago

I suppose you got something up your ass its a possibility cause its in the far future dur

lilbroRx1983d ago

Why does the title exclude the Wii U but articles content list it?

Its like they are simultaneously listed is with the other console but saying that its not part of this generation.

kamikazepikmin1983d ago

this is n4g, a wii u hating site, remember.

Transporter471983d ago

Well Wii U, is more like a ps3 and 360 then a real next gen, the only next gen feature it has at least to me as a gamer, is the tablet thing that you can play on there instead of the tv, like i said for me.

MysticStrummer1983d ago

A lot of people consider WiiU to be a late entry into this gen, not the first entry of next gen. I can't say I disagree, because the Wii never felt like it should have been considered on par with PS3 and 360. I know that's not what "gen" means, but perception is reality and Wii felt like a kid's toy. WiiU feels like a console, but tech wise it's about to be buried so it doesn't feel next gen.

SatanSki1983d ago

Will people stop making theese stupid articles? Answer to both is - probably no

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The story is too old to be commented.