The Defiance Panel in its Entirety

Defiance is an upcoming MMO 3rd Person Shooter for Xbox 360, PC and PS3 coming from the developers of Rift. It is also an upcoming SyFy network TV show starring Grant Bowler. To promote this interesting collaboration of game and TV programming, representatives from both production companies came to SXSW for a special panel full of bizarre audio technical difficulties.

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MysticStrummer1984d ago

Donno how interested people are in this game but I am very interested.

SlavisH21983d ago

Day 1 for me... even though i just found out about it sounds [email protected]@!

TheFamous11983d ago

Have you played the beta? I'm wondering how good it is.. kinda looking for a new MMO and I don't think going back to World of Warcraft is going to satisfy my MMO craving. I even have doubts about The Elder Scrolls Online.. but I hope I'm proven wrong.

Typical-Guy1983d ago

I am interested as well, but I hope it doesn't turn out to be like Dust 514...

NeXXXuS1983d ago

I actually heard that Dust was pretty good.

Typical-Guy1983d ago

I was in the early BETA, and I wasn't impressed at all... It must be pretty good now. I don't really know!

SolidDuck1983d ago

Ya dust 514 has changed a bit since the early beta. It's pretty good now, and they said they have major changes coming before it actually releases. Anyway, I think defiance looks great, ill I've seen is videos on it but it looks awesome. I'm not sure why there's not more hype about it. Unless I hear its just a trainwreck or something I plan on picking it up day 1 on ps3 hit me up if u need someone to co op with.

supraking9511983d ago

day 1 on ps3 too unless its a crappy pc port.