Wii U in February: 80,000 sold, analyst says

Nintendo's Wii U might be in deep trouble in the U.S.

In a research note to investors today, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter said that he believes Nintendo sold just 80,000 Wii U units in February -- the same number of original Wii units that sold. What's worse, the Wii U's sales were about half of the 165,000 PlayStation 3 units sold last month and far behind the Xbox 360's 225,000 unit sales, according to Pachter.

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bourg1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

What a amazing contrast with how Nintendo executed with the Wii.

There appears to be almost zero interest or coverage of the Wii U in the non-gaming press. And in the gaming press the Wii U has been getting almost universal negative coverage.

Yet Nintendo appears to be just sitting back and doing almost to build confidence in the system.

Merrill1870d ago

It's not a terrible system, it just doesn't have any games.

I don't understand Nintendo, let us release a new system that is under-powered and with no software support.

bourg1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

"I don't understand Nintendo"

Yes. Nintendo has had three to four years since the Wii started to decline in sales and the PS3 taking over the top selling console in the world. They should have had enough time to build up a gigantic launch lineup of all the major Nintendo franchises for launch.

But Nintendo is acting like they just threw the Wii U together a year ago.

I don't understand how Nintendo didn't launch with a new version of the 80 million selling Wii Sports for the system. That is the game that both gamers and non-gamers saw demoed live at E3 when the Wii was revealed and led people to rushing out and picking up the Wii.

jaymart2k1870d ago

Like the PS Vita

Ya I went their.

xursz1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

^ happy to say the psvita has good games now. :)

I won't fanboi out but I like playing WipEout, Sly cooper, Assassin's Creed, and the new Trials game. More recently Soul Sacrifice and PSO2 on my jpn account.

The same will happen with the Wiiu, given time and a decent price drop.

Also the psvita is outselling the Wiiu.

Lior1870d ago

It is just like vita with the games, the vita is a really good system but I regret buying one after maybe 3 or 4 good games in over a year

iizMonterZ_1870d ago

Yes. It is not a terrible systme just doesnt have any game.. R6-Patriots on wii-u would be nice.

ps3_pwns1870d ago

yeah nintendo is pretty silly without having any games on the system. the best thing they had was a HD nsmb game with the same old music. Nintnedo has been doing this alot though pissing off gamers who buy the system. one thing they need to do is stop holding games back when they are released in japan. for this im more concernd with the 3ds as animal crossing and other games for the 3ds still arent out yet they been out since last year in japan. Now with wii u they are pushing games back and instead of releasing these games early before the next gen console hype and games start coming out they want to release them at the same time. guess what now i cant buy a wii u and games because im saving money for the better consoles with games.

pikmin 3 should already been out by now and monster hunter been out in japan for a while and is only an HD port once again. they need to focus on releasing games and getting them out there right now because these games should of already been out. where is wonderful 101? also yoshi epic yawn is not gonna get people buying your system for that blues clues bs. we want smash bros, we want retro not this new babi stuff.

nintendo knew online and stuff was gonna be important from 5+ years ago yet they come in with this weak crap online once again. its like they think the world is not evolving. the worst thing a company can do then be late to the party is to not show up at all.

also the wii u and 3ds is the same thing as far as games. why would people buy a wii u if they get the exact same games on cheaper handheld for the kids. nsmb, mariokart, doonkey kong, starfox, zelda, monster hunter 3, fire emblem, smash bros, all the same games on both systems and you guys have the audacity to try and say something about the vita you hypocrits. oh but the ds has 2 screens and clam shell so i will let it have the same games and not say a word.

Stroke6661870d ago

@ps3pawn... ok yes nintendo should have more games out by now however things don't always workout as planned *cough #rayman legends,but nintendo has games starting next week so the drought will be done people are beating a dead horse. wii u and 3ds share some games not all games (ps3/vita) and those games have different play feels to them as nintendo changes up mechanics in most games that do both systems. for example the talk on smash brothers is that the 3ds version will focus on single player where as the wii u version will be the grand stand version that you go and show off your hard work i think its a good idea. same thing goes for mhu. so yes end of january and february sucked ass for wii u however this close to new game launches there shouuldnt be much talk of the time when they didnt have games. and 80'000 is nothing to brag about but compared to 57,000 its a step in the right direction. it seems to me that media and gamers alike are kind of ridiculopus when it comes to nintendo. they expect nintendo to do what the other guy is doing or do what you want them to do. nintendo has and will continue to dance to the beat of their own drum and personally think its a catchy tune.

Muffins12231870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

No,its just they lost the casuals because a tablet is not as cool to a 5 year old as the kinect is...

1nsaint1870d ago

@xursz that doesnt say anything. Even dirty underwear is outselling the wii U ;P

N4g_null1869d ago

I recall the ps3 having a drought also and the notorious third party 6 month delay a cancelation of many ps3 games while Sony was figuring out how to teach people to use the cell.

Or better yet the vita software problem.

I think nintendos biggest problem is learning how to make overly detailed Jd games. Plus we had EA back away and simply every one holding off on wiiu announcements.

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HyperBear1870d ago

Well, Nintendo said themselves they cannot have a price cut on the Wii U yet, there's been little to no advertising for the Wii U ever since November, only been a handful of new released games since launch and some games are getting pushed back/delayed. Not to mention the lack of 'decent' third party support and the limitations of the hardware provided by Nintendo, these numbers for February don't really suprise me.

riverstars861870d ago

There is nothing to market right now, they don't have any games to market. Once they have a steady flow of games coming, Nintendo will market the system hard.

mcstorm1870d ago

It will be interesting to see what happens when games like Lego city, picking 3 come out and also e3 is not to far away so I expect Nintendo to give us some of there big games like Mario kart, Zelda etc.

Just like the psv at this time in its life its far from dead and the sales of some of the game are good on it to with a small user base.

Knushwood Butt1870d ago

In Japan they advertise the Wii U on TV all the time.

saimcheeda1870d ago

the system is very compelling but how can casual people differentiate between Wii U and Wii? I dont understand why Nintendo didnt brand it with a new name and promote it as a new system. Instead it pretty much seems like an update of the Wii plus compared to PS3 and X360 it doesn't have any games!

Stroke6661870d ago

well your right and wrong at the sametime. nintendo is inerested in the core market, and they do know the difference between the wii and wii u. however the so called core gamers have an issue with the whole wii name, thinking it is kiddie for some reason. they did promote it as a new system they even showed the system unlike ps4, they just put too much focus on the gamepad distracting from the console itself. the name wii u stand out from wii just as much as ps2 did from the ps.

NobodyImportant1870d ago

@Stroke666 "nintendo is inerested in the core market"

No they aren't. What gives you the impression that they are? I've seen nothing from Nintendo that they show any interest.
They've brought out another "slightly more powerful than the last gen machine" with a gimmick that they're hoping to sell to the uninformed that don't understand specs. Like last gen. Their online is rubbish. And they have no core games. Except ZombiU and a few ports from the current gen.

Honestly. (Not flaming you in any way) But what have you seen that would give ANY indication that Nintendo care about getting the core back?

TechnicianTed1870d ago

'And they have no core games.'

What's a core game?

BullyMangler1870d ago

Eighty thousand units sold, in one month?? . the hek is goin on? . . this machine has no REAL games yet.

and at 10 dollars a profit per wiiU ??


i smell Power .. .

gamefiles1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )


that is soo true. None of us have seen what the wiiU can do in terms of its gamePad, and yet the freakin thing is selling EIGHTY THOUSAND UNITS IN ONE MONTH! including its lack of true games!!
i dont know about 10 dollars per unit, but if that is true then WTF??

10 x 80,000 = EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. IN ONE MONTH! $800,000.00 in ONE month. .
Any nay sayers on how this is a bad thing? come and get some. ha haa Haaaaa!!!!!!

IMightBeRetarded1870d ago

It's bad because it's not getting enough attention and it is just about as powerful as current gen systems. 80,000 isn't terrible but it's definitely not good.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1870d ago


I look at these numbers sometimes and I don't understand the reactions.

3,000,000 + sold in 4 months...

Me: "Cool"
Pros: "Horrible Numbers!"

Looks at history:

Me: But PS3 and 360 did not sell this much during their 1st 4 months.
Pros: "Still horrible Numbers!"

My Conclusion is that the game Pros HAVE BEEN TO THE FUTURE,
-because they aren't making their judgement off the past.

SO - I'm guessing PS4 and 720 will sell 10,000,000 in the 1st months and 900,000 thousand units every following month.

It's the only Logical Explanation to their disconnect with reality.

gamefiles1869d ago

be careful though, if you state a fact like how making 800,000.00 dollars PROFIT in one month is an amazing thing when a system is dry of content, we can get down voted. !LMAO!

SilentNegotiator1869d ago


Who cares if it had an explosive launch? Just because the fanatics all went out and bought the "limited/sold out" hardware, doesn't mean Wii U is doing well or will do well.

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MariaHelFutura1870d ago

This what happens when you take risk w/ trends. Some work, some don't.

SilentNegotiator1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

This is why I keep telling people not to compare Wii U to the Ps3 (and its early "d00m" articles. Ps3 NEVER did this bad in a month (and more importantly, the PS3 was in a completely different position when it launched).

Wii U is in a bad place. Without its non-gamer (the masses) charms and lack of games coming up that appeal to the hardcore (the high paying), Wii U could be another Gamecube. And while Gamecube was profitable, you don't want to go from Wii-success back to Gamecube-success.

WiiUsauce1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

to the people who bought a Wii U and are complaining that there's no games currently (even though there is lol), didn't you guys learn from buying a 3DS or a Vita on day one?
You can't expect 50 triple A games within 3 months of the system being out. I bought the system on day one, and I bought a 3DS on day one, but only because I'm a Nintendo fan. I'm gonna buy one eventually, so why wait for the heavy hitters to come out like Xeno-sequel and Bayonetta 2?

I bought one on launch, because I had the money. And I don't really care that there's nothing to play at the moment, because it means I can catch up on stuff I've never played before. Like right now, I've been playing Ratchet and Clank collection, and Jak and Daxter collection on my PS3, because I've never played those games. Don't believe me? my PSN tag is reelyFAT_ZOMBI, take a look at the games I've played (I'm actually playing Ratchet and Clank RIGHT NOW).

Then when March 19th roles through, I'll be picking up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on my Wii U. That's the beauty of being a multiconsole gamer; YOU NEVER HAVE DRY MONTHS.

BenRage31870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Do you mind if I friend you on PSN? You seem very rational and have great taste in games (I'm currently playing the Ratchet and Clank collection too). Anyway, I agree with everything you just said. The 360, PS3, 3DS, and Vita have all had dry spells and gamers have a tendency to panick when that happens. Don't get me wrong, I wish the Wii U had more momentum right now, but I think by the end of the year, after some of the bigger releases, they will sell another 3 million and will be in a pretty comfortable position going into 2014.

showtimefolks1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

The news is only gonna get worst for Nintendo when ps4 and next Xbox hits the market and have a fresh coat of paint and all the bells and whistles

Wiiu is a confusing message to people who don't visit gaming sites daily. Is it a new system or is it something built for wii. I mean why not call it wiiHD of wii2?

And wii started to decline 2-3 years ago at that time Nintendo should have started the development for wiiu games but no lets just release a system and hope fans buy it and than eats hold a conference to announce bunch of sequels that are no where near release date

It's mind boggling how big a mess Nintendo has gotten into after the success of wii, instead of building on that success and wii name they have gone backwards

Add that to not a lot of 3rd party support as usual and you see the real problem

No 1st or 2nd party games
No 3rd party games

But it's a new system with game pad, when are these console makers gonna understand that if they are gonna release a new system make some games ans launch with system. We went through the same crap with ps3 not having a lot of games for first few years. But difference was 3rd party support was there even if there were bad ports but wiiu is just in a mess

They are stuck in between wiiu isn't next gen but its not current gen either

sinjonezp1870d ago


I cannot agree more. I have owned every single Nintendo hardware unit since the NES and I do not have the motivation to purchase the Wii U. Even when I speak to random people about the Wii U they are not aware of the product nor possess the buying interest. Nintendo has not properly marketed the product effectively while implementing demo kiosk around the states that does not showcase the hardware. I am assuming Nintendo believed that people would flock to the system based on the Wii's success. The other issue is the lack of quality software and third party support. I do hope that Nintendo turn things around before it is too late; providing consumers with experiences that are unique and attractive. With the recent PS4 announcement, this can become the Dreamcast all over again; having Sony stealing the limelight with superior products: not even mentioning the new Xbox. Even though the system will eventually have great games, I think fundamentally the system will become an afterthought. This is coming from a true gamer who has a PC, Xbox360, Wii, and PS3.

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lilbroRx1870d ago

It irrates me the way they say "analyst" instead of Patcher. If you know who exactly who the info is coming then please list his name, so that I will not have to waste 1/2 a second of my life reading news that pertains to him and what he has to say.

MegaLagann1870d ago

*Meanwhile at NOA headquarters*

Reggie: W-Well hey look at the br-bright side at least it's n-not as bad as last month.

*A sweaty nerve wrecked Reggie then takes out a gun and decides to end the pain*

xursz1870d ago

That got dark real quick...

MegaLagann1870d ago

Your body wasn't ready I suppose.

ps3_pwns1870d ago

yeah lol. takes out hidden bullets out of an animal crossing NoA 3ds case. when that game should of been out way long ago and still isnt out yet. then blam! this aint no persona lol.

Kos-Mos1869d ago

He earns more money than any sony and ms employee. I think he`s feeling fine. You on the other hand...

tweet751870d ago

once nintendo starts bringing out a constant stream of triple A titles for wii u later in the year sales will pick up.

camel_toad1870d ago

A "constant stream" of AAA titles is not likely with Nintendo. They're greatest games are always sprinkled around throughout the year(s).

LOGICWINS1870d ago

You mean like they did for the Wii?

Nathaniel_Drake1870d ago

If you want a constant stream your 3rd party games needs to be up to snuff, and it's really shaky from what I'm reading

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