GameInformer- God Of War: Ascension Review- Not So Godly Anymore

GameInformer- Despite its faults, God of War: Ascension is a good game. The action is fun, the graphics are astounding, and players are pulled from one high-adrenaline moment to the next. But it’s also disappointing. Fans are accustomed the rising stakes and escalating scale that make Kratos attain deific heights, but Ascension proves that he is mortal after all.

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a_squirrel1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Sounds like they gave it a lower score for:
-Increased Difficulty (I agree, normal difficulty should never be frustrating for seasoned players)
-Useless Extras (like say, weapons on the ground for secondary or the rage meter additions)
-Multiplayer (as in, blaming the above on the inclusion of multiplayer)

Why I personally think it's like this:
-It's not God of War 3 (Kratos isn't at his peak)

I think they missed the part where you collect artifacts to unlock things like unlimited rage and play it through again just tearing down everyone.

Derekvinyard131864d ago

That's the only problem, it's not as good as god of war 3, GOW 3 has to be one of the best games this gen it had excellent pacing and a great revenge tale that was executed perfectly

HammadTheBeast1864d ago

I think it was made as a small addition to God of War, a cooler, more calmed down experience to ease out the PS3. The next God of War, probably IV, will be Kratos or whoever it is at their peak and will be as over the top and exciting as 3 was.

Eyeco1864d ago

GOW 3 is one of the best games I've played this generation, I've yet to play Acension.

@A_Squirrel thanks for the insight in you're comment but can you or anyone that's played Acension give me an honest un-biased answer, Is this game better or weaker than GOW 3,

Skips1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )


I'm about halfway through and story wise, it's weaker/doesn't feel as epic. It's a prequel so it's understandable for a prequel to not be as epic as the finale. There aren't as many HUUUUGE boss fights we face. (Considering this was WAAAAAAAAAAAY before Kratos became superpowerul, SSM can't have Kratos doing crazier feats then he does in the main trilogy). Or else it would feel weird, playing as a younger Kratos who's more powerful then he is at the end of GOW III. lol

But it terms of technical achievements and gameplay. It definitely makes a lot of improvements.

But GOW III still easily holds the title for hack n slash king. Until GOW IV comes out on PS4 of course. lol

Just imagining what craziness SSM pulls off next gen makes me.................

hulk_bash19871864d ago

I dont care what all the reviews say, Ascenaion is a great freaking game. The subtle additions and tweaks in combat, and the amazing graphics make for one of the best action games to come out this gen. GOW Ascension is an epic game and I'm loving every second of it. Haters and naysayers be damned.

Ezz20131864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

this is my review for the game:>

i took me after getting every thing 13 hours to finish
this is the longest GOW game
the puzzles are good
the gameplay is better than any good of war game
the gfx is just jaw dropping almost not possible on this gen consoles (pretty much every review so far agree on the gfx part)
if you told me this is ps4 launch title i would believe you
it look like cgi i wonder what they will do on ps4

the story is good good as gow 1 story
the music is awesome even though i miss the music when you about to finish a boss fight from GOW3

this game is a 9/10 nothing less of amazing
but 8 is good score too so it's ok
it just review ...guys
i have gone to alot of fourms and every one playing it
is loving it so far

smashcrashbash1864d ago

So no one gets that since it is Kratos before he got his powers from the Gods and became the God of War that he couldn't do the same level of things he did in the previous games right? That is the point of it being prequel.Did you expect him to be killing Gods and Titans in his present form? Sigh. I never understand the gaming community at all. It is okay for Lara and Gears to go back and make prequels but everyone is all up in GOW's butt for him being not like he was after they complained endlessly about how they were tired of his constant raging.And now they are taking points away from Kratos not raging.I mean he is not at his peak. That is the point. How can you miss that. Did you think that he would be able to go kill Gods at this level of his life? He couldn't even kill Ares without the Gods giving him his powers.And they couldn't do that now because he wasn't on his quest to kill Ares yet. What is so hard to understand?

Sketchy_Galore1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

I think people understand the reason as far as plot goes but it's the third prequel in an action game series that plays just the same as the previous games, meaning the only real difference to the formula is that the player character is a little less intense and not capable of feats quite as major as we've seen in previous games. That may be completely justified by the plot but its hardly a great advertisement.

If we got an Uncharted prequel set shortly after Nate broke his leg, forcing us to play through the game with him hobbling around unable to climb. Those reductions in gameplay would be completely justified by the plot but you could see why people would complain, unless the gameplay was purposefully changed to a slower paced, more puzzle heavy style or something.

We understand that this is a brutal hack and slash game set before Kratos fully developed his hack and slash skills and really went insane with brutal rage but surely you can see how that might make this game feel a little redundant.

smashcrashbash1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

That would make sense if Kratos was reduced all the way down to his normal Spartan abilities but he isn't. He still has the strength and skills to kill Furies and giant monsters just not Gods and Titans. Your reference to Drake was when he was injured and broken which doesn't apply here. Kratos is not injured and he is not broken.It is necessary and makes more sense that Kratos is not at full power or anywhere near what he is later on.

And if he was people would be saying how it makes no sense that Kratos is so powerful or strong if they had him fighting the things he did in the other games. In the new Tomb Raider it made no sense that Lara could do the things she could do especially since it was here first time in that situation and no one called her out for it. If Kratos was supposed to be in the situation after Ares betrayed him he is in no position to do the level of epic things he does now or it would make no sense. And I can bet you people would be calling out Kratos saying 'If it is a prequel how is it he has the power to kill Titans and Gods and demi Gods'.

It has nothing to with what is wrong with the game more then how people make sure and ignore certain things for one game and don't for another. If Kratos is younger and not as angry or enraged you can't expect it to go the same way.Lara's abrupt ability to go up against armed thugs and survive in the wilderness like a pro doesn't set off any bells but somehow Kratos not able to kill things like he does in his other games immediately lowers the score.They would have lowered the score also if they had him killing things the same way he did in other games at the same God like level.Damned if you do and damned if you don't describes most of Sony's games this gen.No matter what they do it always will get kicked around. You don't want rage and you don't want calm.What do you want? You don't even know.I can just imagine what will happen if they decide to let Kratos be dead and choose someone else for the next game. But if they decide to keep him alive the same fuss will be made either way.

PSVita1863d ago

@above- put "***spoiler***" guys.

Rhezin1864d ago

God of War (as long as it's handled by Sony Santa Monica) WILL ALWAYS BE A TEN IN MY BOOK!

sparta761864d ago

They should review the game for what it is, meaning this is before he became a god. Before he's the angry kratos we all love. Why compare it to god of war 3? This is before he got all his powers. I took the day just to play this bad ass game and loving it!!!

Jughead34161864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

I've been playing GOW Ascension for almost 4 hours now, and I honestly can't imagine this game being less than a 9 if you review truly for what it is, and not compare it to anything else. My mouth was open during the big Hechatonchires boss battle in the first hour of the game. I cheered outloud when I won. That was one of the most awesome gaming experiences I've ever had. This game is getting robbed of great review scores. So far, I can't say GOW3 is better. They're about even IMO

Morpheuzpr1864d ago

I disagree. The game is really good but to me GOW3 was better. The story was better, visually ascension have some problems. The game doesn't have anti-aliasing sounds some times are delayed and it has a lot of texture poping or fading in and the frame-rate is not as solid as GOW3, also I'm not sure but it looks to me that the games resolution is sub 720p but don't quote on that.

It does have some improvements like the lighting, the textures look very detailed when they load and the physics like cloth simulation, but overall i think GOW3 was a better more polished game. Maybe ascension was made by Sony Santa Monica's B team and A team is working on GOW4 or new IP for the ps4 (fingers crossed in hoping for it).

Ezz20131864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

i'm sorry i don't agree with you and pretty no one will agree with on the gfx/gameplay part
gowa look and play better than gow3 in every way possible
this game is the best looking game i saw
( consoles or not )
and every review agree on this part
plus the story offer alot of new places to go

Morpheuzpr1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Then i guess you people have a better version of the game than mine so never-mind/s. I'm a huge GOW fan but I'm saying it like it is. I don't have to prove anything to anyone so that's the way i see it period.

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