God of War: Ascension Trophy Guide [PSLS]

Welcome to the PlayStation LifeStyle trophy guide for God of War: Ascension. The Gods of Olympus may have abandoned you, but PSLS is still here to help you get that elusive Platinum trophy.

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TrendyGamers1988d ago

Nice Uncharted shout out.

Foolsjoker1988d ago

I love when they do things like that.

doctorstrange1988d ago

I'm gonna get *that* trophy before it is taken away.

Sev1988d ago

I thought it was already taken. I'm one of the few who actually did get that trophy before :)

Wedge191988d ago

Is it changed in your trophy list now (or after patch, you'll have to let us know)?

Foolsjoker1988d ago

Can't you just uninstall/not install the patch and play offline to get it?

Wedge191988d ago

Until trophy info is synced with the server...

ftwrthtx1988d ago

Thanks for the tips. This will come in andy.

dbjj120881988d ago

Wow! Amazing guide. I'm inspired to go for the Plat but I don't know if I'll get there.

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The story is too old to be commented.